HR-30S Escorts Qiyu and Qiqin Nanning Concert

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HR-30S Escorts Qiyu and Qiqin Nanning Concert

Qiyu and Qiqin are the eye-catching sister and brother singers in the Chinese Music Industry, who are treated as the model. Their "song and love" has attracted people's attention and love. In the initial concert in Nanning city, they really surprised the audience. At the night, the sister and brother took turns to get to the platform to perform in the crowd shouting of the audience, they sang the following songs for the fans affectionately respectively: 《Lang》、《BuRangNiDeYanLeiLaiPeiWoGuoYe》、《DaYueZaiDongJi》、《GanLanShu》、《HuanYan》,more than ten pieces of classical music. At the scene of the concert, when the familiar song sounded again, all the audience is as cheerful as a lark, sometimes followed to sing, sometimes called the name of Qiqin and Qiyu.

In this concert, Relacart offered 4 pieces of HR-30S, Single Channel Wireless Microphone. The microphone of this model is with wide bandwidth medium frequency, the low frequency is full but not heavy, the voice reproduction is high, the system is very stable and strong frequency-resistance, very suitable for the professional singer and large-scale performance application. In technology aspect, the system is with domestic initial AFS Automatic Frequency Scanning and IR infrared frequency matching function. Press the “AFS”(Auto Frequency Scanning) button 3S and the receiver will auto-scan and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency through IR function, there are 1280 frequency for selection, which greatly reduce the possibility of cross-frequency. With Relacart self-develop wireless system digital control software, count out the dead-spot position on the stage through the ultra counting ability of the computer, avoiding the frequency drop-out effectively. Which  provide a further guarantee for the smooth performance. T-30, which is attached HR-30S, is the one of the minimum bodypacks in the world, convenient to carry, high sensitivity, can well send rich magnetic voice of the singer for the audience.

In the concert, the most touching scene is that Qiqin thanked for his elder sister by bow. He said, it is her elder sister that leaded him to the top of the singing career, if there is no Qiyu there won’t be Qiqin. Every audience at the scene was impressed by the deep affection of the two sister and brother. And the concert ended perfectly by the affectionate chorus of the two.

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