"Wireless-Relacart" escorting for the Weifang city Spring Festival Gala in 2014

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“Wireless-Relacart” escorting for the Weifang city Spring Festival Gala in 2014

The horse is rushing to it. The kite city is full of spring in the air.  It created blossoming by Weifang TV station with 14county cooperatively-----2014 Weifang city Spring Festival Gala will be shown on Weifang theatre. The party will uphold the spirit of thrift party, concentrating the  superior forces to create a high quality programs ,it made the full use of the Weifang performing art resources to overall building and design .In the meanwhile ,there are some famous gathered in the party, Mr. Moyan with his warm friendship for hometown who is the Nobel laureate, Mr. Wangliping, who is the famous composer used to write down the words “ Gaomi northeast Township”, he also have composed “ Gaomi northeast Township” and “Ocean, my home”. Mr. Yan Su who is the famous lyricist used to write down “A praise to red-plum”, “Where is the road” and Mr. Lvyuan who is the famous composer have wrote down “Our life is full of sunshine”, “On the high mountains of xingan”,it combine to create a song names “ Yi ballad” for Spring Festival Gala this year. Futhermore, The "Avenue of stars" winners Ma Jiangbin, the theme writer Wang Zhixin who has been in channel 8 of CCTV hit TV series "Big boss" theme song "New Year paintings", "Legend of Qingdao Olympic Sailing Regatta" to create the musical "Weifang.

In channel 8 of CCTV hit TV series "Big boss" theme song "New Year Paintings", "Legend of Qingdao Olympic Sailing Regatta" theme song writer Wang Zhixin to createD the musical "Weifang".   Strenuously, it also appeared to Gala. Relacart HR-30S single channel true diversity wireless microphone as the party escort through layers of screening, showing its talent in the competitions.

The party scene

Relacart HR-30S Single Channel True Diversity Wireless Microphone, it designed for the large professional performance, it have Relacart innovation research AFS automatic frequency selection function and IR infrared automatic frequency function, press the AFS button for 3 seconds, the receiver can search the frequency  without interference in the environment automatically and through IR function to lock the frequency receiver automatically, there are 1280 frequencies could be chosen. which is perfect to reduce the possibility of cross-frequency; With Relacart self-develop wireless system control software RWW1.0, strong capability that can count out the deadpoint precisely, providing a strong guarantee for the party that could be held smoothly; This model is with wide medium frequency, the low frequency is full but not thick and the sound reducibility is so high that it’s better to deliver the singer’s rich magnetic voice and Weifang global cultural elements to the audience.

performance scene

The whole party was came to a smooth close in an atmosphere of joy and harmony, Relacart HI-30S single channel true diversity wireless microphone has an excellent performance that it is also for the "down to earth, poly popularity" party creating a lively, festive atmosphere and won thunderous applauses from the audience.

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