Use of Wireless Transmission Audio System in Cantonese Opera Art

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Use of Wireless Transmission Audio System in Cantonese Opera Art

     Yue Qu is a Cantonese dialect area popular with Yuguangdong and Guangxi and spread to Cantonese overseas Chinese settlements in Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia and the Americas. It uses Cantonese dialects to perform folk arts. It was approved by the State Council in 2011 to be included in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage. list. The artistic inheritance of Cantonese music has always been valued by the industry.

     Professor Chenwennv, who focuses on the study of scientific Cantonese singing methods, is known for his performance in Cantonese Opera. He is currently an associate professor at Guangdong Dance Theatre Vocational College and was once employed at the Xinghai Conservatory of Music. Since teaching, he has devoted himself to the study of scientific vocalization, and on this basis, he has won the leadership of the public, formed his own unique personality singing method, and explored a set of scientific vocalization methods for Cantonese opera singing. Forty years of artistic experience, from the role of actors to cadres to teachers, the precipitation and grinding of the years has created Professor Chenwennv, who is today assembled, directed, performed, and taught, and has made certain achievements in the industry.



Voice Preacher's Request

    As a preacher of sound art, the pursuit of original sound restoration is unremitting, especially in the wireless audio transmission system, there are strict requirements for the restoration and artistic conception of Cantonese music. Once a year, Chenwennv's teacher and student art friends welcome the spring reunion meeting is a great gathering of Cantonese music artists every year, so that all the arts can have the opportunity to sing on the stage, and of course, there is no shortage of famous industry artists. Professor Chenwennv attaches great importance to this annual art exhibition platform. In order to present a better sound field, Chenjiaoshou has been looking for a better sound picking system. In addition to the perfect restoration of Chenjiaoshou's voice, there are many programs at the party, including handheld microphones that need to be used to restore high-quality vocals, as well as wireless pocket-pack collars required by Cantonese opera performers. Microphones and so on.


▲A variety of microphones required for the performance


Audio System Construction

    In response to Chenjiaoshou's request, select Relacart 5 sets of HR-31S true diversity wireless audio systems, equipped with 5 handheld microphones, and four fan-pack transmitters equipped with LM-C300 collar microphone to facilitate on-site hosting / actor needs. Switch to use randomly; A set of UR-223D dual-channel true diversity wireless audio systems, 2 fan-pack transmitters equipped with LM-C500 collar CLIP microphones; Wireless audio transmission seven-channel stack machine mixing, with two PM-160T UHF wireless inner ear listening system, equipped with two PM-160R stereo mini receiver; In the configuration, a force card antenna distribution system was added, including two R-14D diversity antenna distribution systems and two R-22AU directional plate antennas to enhance the receiving signal, extend the receiving distance, and cover the stage without signal dead angle. The stability of the equipment is improved. In addition, two SCM-280 high directional microphones were also used as chorus microphones for the needs of the program.


▲Multi-channel wireless audio transmission system

▲System Connection Diagram


System field performance

    According to Professor Chenwennv's voice conditions and usage habits, the HR-31S true diversity wireless audio system was customized. Cantonese singing is different from ordinary pop music singing. Its delicate and spiritual throat, flat and steady throat, and high-pitched throat are all required to be reflected in one person. One person has many corners and one person has more than one cavity. Normal in Cantonese music art. Therefore, the customized microphone must be the largest to restore the roundness of Professor Chenwennv's voice, in order to distinguish the general microphone can only reflect the high tip of the Aria, enhance the vocal beauty. On the day of the performance, the customized HR-31S made the sound of Professor Chenwennv's voice to the fullest, and the round spirit of the C tone and even the tone of the E were brilliant, making the audience applaud.


▲Professor Chenwennv uses his custom wireless microphone



     However, because different performers have different vocals and flavors, non-custom microphone picking is even more important. There are professional folk arts practitioners and folk arts lovers at the concert. Cantonese singing pairs generally use hand-held microphones, because they can control the distance between the microphones, so there is no problem with getting good sound field effects. However, the actor of the folding drama needs to use a lead-type microphone-the concealment of the microphone in the Cantonese opera performance is an important requirement. The directional choice of the lead-type microphone has become the focus of the live performance. The LM-C420 single-directional collar microphone and LM-C500 omnidirectional collar microphone were tested on site during on-site debugging. The LM-C420 howls less, and the field gains can be pushed up, but the actor's sound performance is inconsistent when the head swings; The LM-C500 sound field performance is very perfect, but due to the limitations of the on-site sound spreading environment, it is easier to generate feedback. Through the adjustment of EQ, the LM-C500 omnidirectional collar microphone has better reflected the entire performance. In some programs, choral microphones are also used. Because the requirements can not be set up on the stage, they can only be picked up by the accompanying actors under the stage. Therefore, the general distance of the choral microphone is difficult to complete. Therefore, we chose high directionality. Long-range picking microphone SCM-280, Let the sound of the accompanying singer and the voice of the lead singer be harmonious and uniform.


▲Long-range strong pointing microphone SCM-280 and collar microphone LM-C500


    "The Relacart microphone has a crisp and beautiful tone and stable transmission. It gives the most stable guarantee for this performance and provides the most comfortable listening experience for the artists! "-The party's chief planner, Chenjiaxin, said that she had participated in the stage design and director of several musicals and stage plays.
The general folk arts performance will have live accompaniment, but the time considered for the performance and the performance effect of the night(usually the live band will lead to the extension of the track without rigorous rehearsal, and some folk music lovers will be difficult to follow the rhythm of the professional band). Therefore, it is necessary to use the stage stereo to send back. There is no sound return from the stage at the performance scene. Therefore, in order to perform more perfect, two sets of wireless stage return system PM-160 are also deployed. The live accompaniment is synchronized and the sound is clear. Feel comfortable, Help the singer to perform every song and dance.


▲Sky System-Directional antenna R-22AU



    Because it involves the use of different microphones for multiple programs, wireless audio transmission requires multiple channels. The seven-channel wireless transmission stack uses wireless frequency design to allocate the Intermodulation between wireless systems. The increase in the celestial system composed of R-14D and R-22AU also made the signal more stable and did not appear to have frequent frequency breaks. The performance was successfully completed.


▲Professor Chenwennv and Teacher Xumanchang performed the Cantonese classic duet "The Reunion of the Immortals"


▲Famous opera host Weibin and Quyi Wuxiaoxia sang "Dream Taihu Lake"


▲National second-level actor Chenmiaoli is also a host and performance performer


▲Qu Yi Fan Mei Li Performance Gao Hu Performance


    Cantonese music flutters and joy meets. Nearly 200 teachers and students art friends gathered together, teachers and students performed together for 9 hours, and together enjoyed this top Cantonese music audio-visual feast. The famous opera host Weibin and the National second-level actor Chenmiaoli(Professor Chenwennv's apprentice) presided over the party for nine hours. The concert took place in the opening song "The Great Open Gate" and the curtain was opened. The Cantonese opera sang and sang. The dance was staged in turn and was wonderful. Among them, Professor Chenwennv and Teacher Xumanchang performed the classic Cantonese song "Reunion of the Immortals". The tune was beautiful, ups and downs, and the range was wide; In a number of folk art competitions, Wuxiaoxia(Professor Chenwennv's apprentice) Yu Yinliang. Relacart  wireless microphone sound quality is clear, perfect restore the top sound Cantonese songs to the audience, listening to everyone infatuated, endless! Yue Qu zhuan resigned from the old age, one dollar to start a new weather. Recalling the past, success and joy together; Looking at the present dynasty, teachers and students create brilliant friends.


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