Real stage, derived from classical recordings.

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Everyone has a heart, desire to have a go at platform, eager to get recognition and attention. Whatever your age, whether you have more experience, to have a go at platform is ever changed.

          Kaiping Biguiyuan again created a platform for us, together with Relacart HR-31S true diversity wireless microphone and classic performance microphone model UR-222S.  


      Just as those of crystal shoes always waiting for Cinderella, each actor, are waiting for a spirit, that is the microphone in the hands of an actor, can let the actors have enough confidence, in the stage of burning themselves, light and heat


The actors on the stage who are finding themselves

Wireless - Relacart HR-31S, UR-222S will bring you confidence.  Real stage, derived from classical recordings.

Wireless –Relacart will walk hand in hand with you.

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