P2 Wireless Audio System Escort

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Activity Time: Nov23-25, 2018


Activity Site: “YingDe Aoyuan Huaxin Town” Cross-country circuit of Yinghong Town, Yingde City



  China Forest Challenge Racing called CFCR for short, is China Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Federation sponsored the national-level automobile cross-country race, but also the only national-level jungle cross-country race. In Enping city and Yingde city of Guangdong Province successfully held two jungle races. The unique excitement and difficulty of jungle cross-country race, decided that it attracts a large number of adventure enthusiasts and has a broad mass base. But also get the favor of professional athletes from all over the country, and get the high attention of people in the industry.


The sound system is escorted by Feige Culture, Dynamic

Performance Acoustic Culture, CPL Speaker and Relacart Wireless Microphone System

P2 Series professional performance cabinet. The receiver adopts one receiver+two transmitter design, and the frequency does not interfere with each other. 

Digital hand-held transmitter can meet the needs of various live stage performances.

Precise design circuit realizes higher quality audio signal,

At the same time, it ensures the protection of

intermodulation, interference, even in the case of dense spectrum space. 

Ensure the cooperative use of multiple transmitters.

The cabinet is equipped with a high gain directional antenna R-22AU, which provides highly praised ultra-long distance signal transmission.

 R-22AU Directional Antenna


  M16.8 Digtial Mixer


Congratulations to Quanlin Daheji Cross-country Team for winning the championship

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