Relacart escort for the 15th Thailand Money Expo

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The 15th session Thailand Money Expo was officially held in Bangkok, Muang Thong Thani International Expo Centre on May7th-10th. Thai Deputy Prime Minister Liberiatong presided over the opening ceremony of the Expo, perfectly expressing his great expectation on this session Money Expo with Relacart Microphone in his hands, making the whole Expo break into enthusiastic applause!

Deputy Prime Minister Speech

The scale of the activity was very large, the exhibition area covered 45000 square meters. There were more than 240 banks, finance companies, insurance companies, securities companies, including government departments and the private sector participation. In such a feast, Relacart UR-222D and UR-222S wireless audio system stably completed its own task, making the political figures, stars, and hundreds of dancers on the stage win widespread praise!


UR-222D Series

Site Activity

All the time, Relacart brand has been paying great attention to expand overseas markets. At the same time, it also shows the technical strength of Relacart brand on the world stage as well as the sedimentation thickness of the brand. Relacart has gradually stepped out of China, in the face of a world-class brand competition. Besides, it is getting more and more trust by overseas markets in many competitions. Relacart also got praise from all walks of life in this feast!

Site Activity

As the wireless audio system that apply to high requirements of the large-scale professional occasions, UR-222D condensed Relacart long-term accumulation of the essence of technology, with advanced technology, stable performance, delicate appearance, and convenient operation, with the advantage of extremely superior professional quality  to win the competition in the market.

Site Activity

UR-222D, with super wide frequency range (UHF 554MHz-936MHz), the frequency is of super strong selection, no need to worry about the frequency of interference.  Dual channel total is 64 selective frequencies, 24 groups of frequency providing 768 frequencies for selection. What’s more, the bandwidth of the transmitter is 134 MHz, four different frequency groups (400 mics) can be exchangeable, greatly convenient for debugging and management, so even if a dense crowd, Relacart also can send out its charm of wireless microphone. The stability of the transmission performance makes the activity very well done! Whether is the handsome stars singing on stage or Thai Deputy Prime Minister Liberiatong presided over the opening ceremony can allow the presence of all the people very moved!

Star Performance

Star Performance

What’s more, UR-222D equipped with 【AFS】Automatic Frequency Selection function, which can automatically search out the most clear and interference-free frequency. And equipped【IR】Infrared Frequency Matching function, press 【SYNC】button to upload automatically the receiver frequency to the transmitter, greatly convenient for debugging and management.

Relacart UR-222S, Single Channel Wireless Audio System, is the more professional performance product, the function of which is the same as UR-222D, also applies to the large-scale professional performance.

Star Performance

UR-222 series is of innovative mass-compatibility function, can be directly compatible with Shure brand classic sound head. The host below with the microphone is Relacart UR222 handheld microphone with Shure SM58 sound head, still is the interpretation of the classic soundtrack, is more flexible and more personality for user application, and better shows the charm of Relacart, the cost of which is far more than the other microphone!

UR-222 Handheld Microphone with Shure SM58 Sound Head

If you are willing to know more the practical performance of UR-222 series, join us immediately to see the charm of “Digital Relacart”together!

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