Relacart HR-31S Applications of Super Large Outdoor Performance

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1.    HR-31S true diversity wireless microphone system

HR-31S true diversity wireless microphone system is wide bandwidth diversity wireless audio system that designed for large-scale live show. Powerful function, reliable performance, can get the best effect in different kinds of complicated professional performance.

HR-31S has been applied to various occasions nowadays, for instance, Fudi Legend Water Park is one of the typical cases. The opening ceremony of Fudi Water Park & the Starts Concert of 2015 held at the center stage in the Water Park on 1st, June, 2015. With the great participation of more than 30,000 audients, the famous group Fenghuang Legend brought out the shining performance. Except that, there were various famous artists who have competed in the program:  Avenue of Stars of CCTV. Furthermore,  Relacart used 16 sets HR-31S to show their great help for the performance and brought out the perfect effect of wireless audio transmission.

The stage of the opening ceremony

2. Details of case design

The opening ceremony of Fudi Water Park & the starts concert of 2015 held at the center stage in the Water Park. As the biggest forest water park in the world, Fudi Legend Water Park bought 16 sets of HR-31S, 5 pcs R-14D Antenna dividers and a pair of R-22AU Wide-band Directional Antenna for its acoustical transmission system.

Under the real-time controlling and monitoring of the professional technicians, all the systems for this activity were placed on an independent building which far away from the centre stage about 100 miters.  In the aspect of system connection, firstly, we used 4 sets HR-31S to connect with a R-14D Antenna divider, and then we used 4 sets connected R-14D Antenna divider to connect with number 5 R-14D Antenna divider. After the resource integration, a pair of R-22AU were connected to the Antenna divider. At last, here comes the best combination and impressed customers about HR-31S in practical application.

wiring connection

Under the consideration of massive audients, our products must meet the demands of local environment. Therefore, the considerations were comparatively strict for varieties:

1)    Super Wide Frequency Range

To release the perfect sound in each corner of the 50 meters-wide stage, to avoid the frequency cross talk and dropout, we need to work with the Super Wide Frequency Range. With 32MHz operating frequency range, more than 1280 available frequencies, true diversity reception, can reduce signal “dead sports”.  

2)    The design of naming function

Because of 16 microphones, numerous artists and fast switch of a program on the stage, there were mistakes of recognitions of microphones to staff while passing the microphones. Therefore, we have devised the naming function for microphone used by the starts with exclusive name. This function of HR-31S helps the tuners with better organized management and reduces the possibilities of mistakes.

3)    Easy Operation & Management

With the full consideration of non-professional tuning operation, the staff can control the real-time sound by the computer control software. What is more? Remote-controlling and remote-diagnosing are allowed and the intelligent management works without any person operating at the station.

3. Key features of HR-31S Wireless microphone system

HR-31S Wireless System

1)    Super Wide Frequency Range,

AFS (Automatic Frequency Selection),

IR Infrared

Before the performance, the technicians at the spot utilized the 32MHz Super Wide Frequency Range setting of 31S and the feature of more than 1280 frequencies for selection, reduced receiving dead spot largely; during the performance , the application of multi-set of wireless microphones at the same frequency range was available without multi-frequencies match with multi-set of microphones. Lower possibility of frequency cross talk and more reliable performance made the successful show at last.

AFS (Automatic Frequency Selection) of HR-31S (an automatic frequency searching function created by Relacart) can auto-scan for the cleanest environment and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency. With this feature, HR-31S can auto-scan the whole stage totally without searching the dead spots on the stage by the staff. No dead spot can escape from this “auto-scan” function of HR-31S. Consequentially, HR-31S improved the performance of the performers on the stage.

 IR Infrared, with this feature, you just need to press [IR] button to upload automatically the receiver frequency to the transmitter, it costs less time and brings better effect. Thanks to IR Infrared, you don’t need


to worry about the embarrassing delay of seconds at this side while the singer is singing another side. It provides full preparation for a going well performance.

Audiences at the site

2)    T-Lock function of Microphone and R-Lock Function of Receiver

To avoid the phenomenon of no sound during the performance, technicians developed the the unique T-Lock function of Handheld Microphone and bodypack transmitter, in other words, the operation function of transmitter is locked, you just need to turn on this function, the power switch of microphone HR-31S will be locked, and no any other effect works anymore. Therefore, the arbitrary on or off microphone by performers will be avoided without any traditional tape or switch protector.

About the R-Lock of receiver, its work is lock the function button of panel totally so that it can avoid the accident touch of receiver panel that arouse the disorder function or even the break off during the bustling performance.

Technicians were testing

3)  Receiver balanced grounded & ungrounded Switch, LCD display

To avoid electric current hum when multiple equipments (amplifier, mixer, etc) are connected during the performance,HR-31S can according the actual equipment situation to eliminate the hum by signal output grounded or ungrounded. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any hum during the performances. And HR-31S receiver with a bright LCD display which displays the battery life of transmitter. With that, tuners can discover and exchange the low battery during the performance in time and avoid the interrupt of the show because of no battery.

4) Name function

As a careful people, you can see that because so many artists and so many microphones during the performance that the users of specific microphones often confuse the tuners or technicians. And then they may can’t tuning the sound accurate that distract performers and fail to achieve a perfect performance.

Otherwise, after the long term of discussion and researches by our technicians, a new function utilized by HR-31S called “Name Function”— — naming the receivers matching specific microphones. For example, the microphone 1 used by Aerfa at the ceremony day, we named its receiver as Aerfa, Liu Hegang’s microphone as 2 whose receiver as liuhegang or other name easily recognized by tuners. In this activity, the naming function of HR-31S brought better microphones management for tuners who said its praises. 


Passionate performance by Liu Hegang

Passionate performance by Aerfa

Passionate performance by Zhu Zhiwen

5. Build-in power supply of antenna port

Power circuit always is the awkward problem for large performance. Numerous sound equipments, countless antenna dividers and the winding of lines arouse headache for technicians who want to return them into only one wire.

    But, HR-31S antenna ports build-in power supply, no need to connect with antenna divider to connect the antenna booster and directional antenna. Thanks to it, we save many troubles and cut the budget.  At the performance day, the staff used R-14D antenna divider to connect to antenna power supply to HR-31S receiver, which reduces the power load of numerous of equipments and the possibilities of performance accidents.

6、Wireless Systems Manager

Though only several staff behind the scenes, there were more than 30,000 audients around the stage. And each microphone works independently, HR-31S has already realized the function of digital management.

Under the situation of more equipment but less staff, technicians operate HR-31S through “RWW1.1”Wireless Systems Manager. Especially in the situation of up to 10 units use simultaneously, the function of software RWW1.1 is more obvious. For example, name, group, setting for numerous microphones by computer software, you just need to set the time of one microphones and then the others can complete the setting. It saves time and more convenient for the management of the microphone.

Generally,there are activities everyday in Fudi Water Park and almost every times it is big show. Relacart HR-31S and other equipments will be there every time and shining its own halo, and we Relacart people always proud of that.

The setting system of Fudi Water Park not only realizes its functions obviously, easy management, also reach its best project configuration and minimal breakdown rick pre-control.  It really matches Relacart’s ideas and Relacart always insist “pragmatic, cooperation, understanding, endeavor, innovation “enterprise spirit, which enrich the value of the brand with core technology and good service. We believe that, in future, the products of Relacart will gain more and more popularity and bring us more surprises!

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