Relacart Perfectly Escorts the Youth Culture Festival of 2019 Jiangxiaobai YOLO

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On April 13-14, the two-day 2019 Jiang Xiaobai YOLO Youth Culture Festival in Xiaobai, opened in Music Plaza, Changlong Resort, Guangzhou. This is a holy place to show the essence of youth culture. There are music, basketball, hip-hop, graffiti and skateboarding. The audience can not only feel the sincere sincerity of Jiang Xiaobai YOLO Youth Culture Festival in an all-round way, but also see many new generation rappers with attitude, ideas and strength appear on this stage.


The field environment is complex and the requirement for audio system is high.

The large-scale performance of 2019 Jiangxiaobai YOLO Youth Culture Festival was held in the outdoor venue of Music Square of Changlong Resort in Guangzhou. The scene is divided into five stages, with nearly 50,000 square meters, and can accommodate more than 50,000 audiences. During the performance period, it happens to be stormy weather, and the rain curtain formed by rainwater attenuates the wireless signal; in addition, the open stage space and numerous crowds of people interfere with the wireless signal greatly, such as rainwater, human body, mobile phone signal and the supplement of the field signal base station. Therefore, the audio system products of the live wireless performance should be high-guaranteed, high-quality, high-restoration and high-stability. Ensure the performance is completed smoothly.

For this reason, the organizer chose Relacart P1 single channel true diversity professional wireless performance microphone system. The receiving mode of true diversity is more stable, automatic selection of frequency, elimination of receiving dead spots, avoidance of frequency interruption. True diversity receiving system uses two same channels of receiving circuit to minimize the noise and leakage caused by radio frequency interference.



  Multiple stages are being set up

Relacart P1 Single Channel True Diversity Professional Performance Flight Case Escorts at Site

Relacart R-22AU Directional Antenna escorts at site


Relacart Professional Wireless Performance System is debugging


Relacart Professional Wireless Performance System Perfectly Escorts the Wonderful Performance

Just Battle Stage

For two consecutive days, on Just Battle stage, Relacart wireless performance flight case was used, including four sets of P1 single channel true diversity professional wireless performance microphone system, four wireless handheld microphones, a R-14D diversity antenna system and a pair of R-22AU active directional antenna system to capture signals accurately, avoiding series frequency and frequency interruption caused by dead spots. Phenomena, with strong functions and strong stability, give full play to the enthusiasm of hip-hop dancers, personality publicity; and host online clear voice broadcast real-time results.


Locking & Wacking 2V2 competition, the host use Relacart Wireless Performance Microphone P1 all the way

Relacart Electronics Marketing Director LiShansan and Host LiWeixiao’s group photo. Relacart microphone was highly praised by the host.


Basketball match stage

    In the stage area of basketball matches, it also attracts a large crowd of spectators, with a high voice and extraordinary liveliness. On-site use of P1 single channel true diversity professional wireless performance microphone system as the host throughout the sound transmission, P1 can meet the needs of various live performance stages, the receiver itself true diversity reception and wider bandwidth, frequency non-interference, more frequency options and other characteristics, even in the case of dense spectrum space can ensure the cooperative use of multiple transmitters. It is specially designed for large-scale performances, especially for outdoor activities.


Relacart antenna distribution system is added to the configuration, including a R-14D diversity antenna system and a pair of R-22AU active directional antenna systems, mainly to meet the needs of signal adequacy for outdoor large-scale performances. R-14D diversity antenna system is a distributed antenna distribution system with ultra-wideband, strong output power and ultra-low internal modulation distortion. It is suitable for UHF high-broadband wireless systems. It is used in large outdoor performances with R-22AU active directional antenna system. A pair of antennas can be shared by cascade, and it can support up to four wireless or other wireless systems. The antenna configuration project has been improved and the system efficiency has been improved.

This 2019 JiangXiaobai YOLO Youth Culture Festival, covering a wide range, large number of people, rainy weather, complex and harsh environment, there will be a lot of interference in all aspects, there will be many signal dead spots. At this time, we need to use a directional antenna with high gain. Using an antenna amplifier is like adding a telescope, which can amplify the weak signals received by the antenna.



The host and singer use Relacart Wireless Performance Microphone P1 all the way


    Relacart professional wireless performance system P1 perfectly escorts the super-flaming and cool live performance of the Youth Culture Festival of 2019 Jiangxiaobai YOLO, bringing the most beautiful, cool and dazzling audiovisual feast for singers, hosts and audiences.



Wireless Relacart, Original thought in production

Wu Tingfei, deputy general manager of Relacart Electronics, said in an interview that the professional audio long-distance transmission and system design of the YOLO Youth Culture Festival in 2019, the most difficult challenge is the impact of large-scale human flow, rainwater, long distance and complex environment on radio waves. At the scene, we also saw Relacart team members running back and forth in front of the stage. Wu Tingfei said that although Relacart's products have "experienced a hundred battles" and have rich experience in actual combat, we will still be fully prepared in advance for each project, and even consider all possible aspects of the situation, and make a good solution. Faced with each challenge, we can not relax, through each actual performance to accumulate experience, collect user feedback, so that we can provide better quality products more suitable for the market and users. Relacart professional performance audio system with its professional and stability, to avoid all kinds of interference, to achieve the best performance results.

Over the years, Relacart has mainly performed and participated in international lighting festivals, star concerts and large-scale operas, such as Guangzhou International Lighting Festival 2016-2018, Dinghushan BONBON LAND Music Festival 2016-2018, the closing ceremony of the opening ceremony of the 2017 China Cup International Football Championship, the Guangzhou New Year Carnival 2016-2018, and Sun Nan's World Tour Concert Foshan Station 2016. The stage drama "Shanghai Hotel" has accumulated many experience on large-scale performance, which has been unanimously recognized by the market and the organizers.


Relacart has been focusing on audio technology for 25 years. Its marketing network covers the global market and has many national patents. In the next 5-10 years of development plan, Relacart will continue to focus on products, make its brand bigger and stronger, show its strength through more projects, and let more people know its brand and products by participating in important exhibitions at home and abroad. Relacart believes that when enterprises focus on doing a good job, constantly pursuing technological innovation, polishing products with craftsmanship spirit, dedicated management and service will win the recognition of users and the market. Relacart, is like Swiss watchmaker in the production of watches, with the goal of art to carve products, excellence. In the future, the spirit of craftsmen will be the cornerstone of Relacart's century-old brand dream.


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