RELACART UR-222S in Radiant Life Assembly-Cheras, Malaysia

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Radiant Life Assembly-Cheras(“灿烂生命堂”)was built in 1979,is a famous church in Malaysia with its long history. Recently, Relacart UR-222S Wireless Microphone System has become a force in Radiant Life Assembly-Cheras as a leader for various prayer and activities.

UR-222S Series condenses technology essence, which is accumulated by Relacar’s R&D team for a long time. Therefore, UR-222S has advanced technology, mature design and stable performance. Thanks to these advantages, Reacart UR-222S enjoys absolute superiorities in the aspects of appearance, price and operation. Eventually, it gains the popularity of the market by its excellent professional quality.


In terms of using collocation, UR-222S has multiple choices:Not only UH-222 handheld microphone but also UT-222 body-pack transmitter


Radiant Life Assembly-Cheras has a fixed timetable for praying and many activities for Christians in holidays & festivals. It means, Relacart microphones will be used so frequently that the advantages of Relacart UR-222S wireless microphone system will be saw obviously. Using 2 alkaline batteries, twice in lifespan than common microphones, Relacart microphone works in a precise low-power circuit design, which is one of Relacart’s features. Beside that, Relacart UR-222S doesn’t need reset after the first-time using with accurate frequency, that it’s very convenient


When the praying finished, the priest said expressively:“I’m very glad to see that all of you were praying by heart. I think it owes to Relacart microphone, which is really impressive. It can bring us perfect sound, even modify our emotion impressively. I can feel that our surrounding become so subtle that it seems like everybody here has forgotten all troubles.

Thus, I would like to use it for all activities from now on!(UR-222S Wireless Microphone System).”


UR-222S Wireless Microphone System applies to high-demanding night club, multifunction presentation room, hotel, conference and small to medium performance. More good products on Relacart web:


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