Relacart cheer for Tourism and Culture Festival.

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Relacart cheer for Tourism and Culture Festival

    The tourist administration of Shaanxi province and municipal government host the Zhuge Liang tourism and culture festival, which was hold at 4A-class scenic spot Tomb of the Military Marquis Zhuge Liang in Mian county.

    It was opened by municipal committee, propaganda minister Li linhua .The deputy director of the tourist administration of Sichuan province give message of congratulation for it

    Mian country is known as “Shaanxi back yard garden”, has a unique history culture resources and rich natural landscape

Zhuge Liang, prime minister of the Kingdom of Shu in the period of the three kingdoms, with exemplary conduct and nobility of character, was known as the greatest people in Han Dynasty.

Zhuge Liang and one of “five tiger generals” Machao reposing in here

Zhuge Liang Tourism and Culture Festival is to in memory of the outstanding statesman, military strategist --Zhuge Liang

Its period is 5 days ,to promote the culture of the Three Kingdoms, highlight the charm of Hanzhong as its theme.

In this period ,there will be public memorial ceremony to Tomb of the Military Marquis Zhuge Liang, qiao niang contest,theatrical performances etc

Many people visit here and various performance add colour to Zhuge Liang Tourism and Culture Festival.

This festivalis hold at open stage and many people visit here, to make sure this festival is successful and the live sound quality ,the sponsorchoose HR-30S UHF single channel true diversity wireless system and UR-220D UHF dual-channel wireless microphone.

The 2 styles microphone are high-end products in the large shows

it with “AFS”(Auto Frequency Selection) function which is independent research and development by relacart company, can scan the non-interence frequency in the actual environment, make the signals in good transmission .Even in the remote cornor on the stage, the receiver can get the siginals

The handheld microphone offer durable, magnesium bodies,soft-touch controls; HR-30S is the one of the most mini bodypack in the world, carry easily, high sensitivity, can transmit the sound to every listener clearly

HR-30S is match the RWW 1.0 pc wireless control software ,this software can avoid the dead spots in the stage and choose the non-interence frequency.

After Hanzhong rape flowers festival ,Yunnan TOP ONE project, the relacart products to be the special supplies of Zhuge Liang Tourism and Culture Festival

“We are honored that relacart products can be designated product of the government and engineer .Only the really good product, can bring confidence to the people to use it again "”

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