Relacart sponsors the finals of “Country Garden Jade Bey” Cup micromovie actors sea election

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Relacart sponsors the finals of “Country Garden Jade Bey” Cup micromovie actors sea election


The finals of “Country Garden Jade Bey” Cup micromovie actors sea election is held in Jade Bey of Country Garden on the afternoon of 12th, June. The jury is consisted of LIANGSHAOFENG, the vice chairman of Guangdong Federation of Dramatists Association and the director of Guangdong TV and film operation department,. LIAO WEI MIN, Guangdong staff artist. LI YONG JIAN, the director of Kaiping Television Station TV centre. CUI SHAO HONG, president of Kaiping Movie and Television Culture Association, LIWEISHAO, the executive vice president. ZHANG ZHONGQI, the national level referee of dance and the leading role actors from micromovie .



 In these two years, the trend of micromovie development is becoming more and more popular. Short and deep meaning pattern wins the fast rhythm market nowadays and the future is very bright. After the roaring of and , which is made by Kaiping movie producer CUISHAOHONG and ZHANGBIN, became again and again popular on the network. The click amount of the two micromovie reaches 300000 times. The roaring of the two micromovie inspire the creation passion of KAIPING movie producer. This sea election is the recruit for the shooting of the following KINGPING micromovie.


Zhangyimou has ever said that movie comes from life, and everyone is the director of life even the actor. The one who can play the essence of movie is always the grass-roots actors who live in the real life of society, which is also the goal of this activity. Though the weather is very hot on that day, it can’t affect the passion of the participants. On the scene, cheer, applause and laughter go up again and again. The age span of the actor is of great large: the youngest is five years old, the oldest is 79 year old. The actors create, direct and play all by themselves. The acting of everyone is superb. In the several minutes over 60 participants bring much surprise to the jury and the audience. And Relacart UR-220D Dual Channel Wireless Microphone also plays the role of bringing surprise.


Relacart UR-220D Dual Channel Wireless Microphone distills the technology essence that Relacart accumulates in the long term. It is with domestic initiative AFS Automatic Frequency Scanning and IR Infrared Sync function. After pressing the AFS button, the system will auto-scan and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency. Super wide band width, providing 768 flexible frequencies for your choice, and the microphones from 4 different frequency range can be exchanged randomly, which is very convenient to test and manage. Long distance transmission, high sensitivity and reliability, which is very suitable for the outdoor occasion application like the sea election of “Country Garden Jade Bay” Cup Micromovie actors. The sea election ends smoothly. The organizers are very satisfied the excellent performance of Relacart UR-220D and decide to apply Relacart wireless microphone in all kinds of competition afterwards.

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