Relacart HR-31S Wireless System Assisted the Arts Festival of DaNanlu Primary School

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South Road Primary School is the canton cultural characteristics school , guide the child to grow by the  different characteristic activities of Guangdong  education. Campus nursery rhymes, Cantonese opera, Cantonese speaking community of ancient, Guangdong color vigorous development, 10 original songs of which spread inside and outside school, participating, the attention have been well received from children, parents, personages of various circles of society,. World day songs and thereby the school art festival exhibition closing opportunities, with boys Yang childlike, children play Zhan innocence, Danan teachers and students work depicts the Cantonese Guangdong "color" on the us all the leaders and guests and parents share. In the theatre performances held in Chunyan Theatre, the second floor of Youth and teenager Palace, Yuexiu district, No.62 Xianhu Street, DaNan Road,Dananlu Primary School Street. This performance using 12 sets of Relacart HR-31S wireless audio system, match 4 sets of R-14D antenna distribution system and a pair of R-22AU active directional antenna distribution system to use and to join the Danan Road primary school teachers, students and parents have spent a happy afternoon.
(The four host use H-31 Handheld Microphone and HM-800S Headset Microphone)The reliable transmission of wireless signalRelacart HR-31S a wireless audio system adopted true diversity, two arbitrary antenna selection received a stronger signal, so as to substantially eliminate blind spots, again through the ASF automatic search function search out the clean, the interference-free frequency, avoid mute and dead point noise due to the transmission problem. In addition, the scene of the parents who have come up with a mobile take photos of their children's performances, also can't wait for sharing the moment with relatives and friends, When facing not only the communication equipment with many wireless interference signal, but also 13 classes, small many actors included in the performance, programs were switched frequently, performers on the stage moving frequently, Relacart antenna distribution system played a major function at this moment.
(All site leaders and parents the audience are watching the performance)
(Dance Performance)12 sets of HR-31S match 4 sets of antenna distribution system  which is cascaded, simplified the antenna setup project,improve the work efficiency, The device is assembled by the cabinet to share a pair of R-22AU active directivity antenna, which is opposite to the stage, to make up for the lack of signals required for performing the performance, to enhance the wireless signal, and to ensure that the antenna signal can cover the entire stage area.Relacart careful technical team after admission to the audience, before the beginning of the performance using the Relacart independent-developed RWW1.1 wireless transmission monitoring management system for the theater signal of scanning and monitoring, ensure the performance.
(Relacart HR-31S Wireless Audio System Cabinet Set)
(R-22AU Active Directional Antenna)
(RWW1.1 Software operation interface)T-Lock lock function is safe and reliable Relacart HR-31S true diversity wireless audio system H-31 wireless handheld microphone and T-31 wireless mini light bodypack and is equipped with power T-Lock switch lock function.In the performances,the handheld microphone H-31 that the host and the children used,the mini bodypack that the children use for singing or telling stories,the transmitter were all locked by the T-Lock function. It can effectively avoid the mute sound caused by the mistakes in the performance of the performers, or the accidental fall of the equipment, and ensure the smooth running of the performance.
(HM-800S Headworn Microphone)
(The host used H-31 Handheld Microphone)

Relacart large diaphragm condenser microphone help chorusThe stage chorus mic usually adopt large diaphragm condenser microphone, and the microphone type will be applied in the studio. Usually the diaphragm diameter is greater than or equal to 3/4 inch microphone called large diaphragm microphone. Boosted microphone membrane material is aluminum, plated-aluminum, plated-gold and gold and other material, large diaphragm is easy for movement, even relatively low sound pressure level can also be high output level, has the extremely high sensitivity. This performance due to the need for live sound, several classes use two set of the Relacart large diaphragm condenser microphone and H-31 handheld microphone for sound reinforcement, high sensitivity pickup, songs of innocence throughout the audience, parents intoxicated in singing performance. After the performances, the audience gave a warm applause, Relacart accompanied parents to witness the growth of children, parents on their faces are full of happy expression.
(Relacart large diaphragm condenser microphone)

(They used Relacart large diaphragm condenser microphone for chorus)
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