Relacart Escorts the World's First FINA Championship Swimming Series 2019

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Guangzhou Auto Chuanqi 2019 FINA Championship Swimming Series (Guangzhou Station) was held at the Swimming and Diving Hall of Guangdong Olympic Sports Center from April 27 to 28 at 19.30 p.m. The competition is sponsored by the International Swimming Federation, sponsored by China Swimming Association and Guangdong Sports Bureau, and co-sponsored by Ruifeng Culture and creative implementation. A total of 28 individual events and 6 relay events were set up. The invitation system was adopted in the competition. The invited athletes included Olympic champions, world champions, world record holders and world number one swimmers in each event. Athletes from 19 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil and China, were invited to participate. Chinese swimmers Sun Yang, Liu Xiang, Fu Yuanhui, Xu Jiayu and other swimming stars were very popular. With high level, high bonus and new competition system, this competition is the first world top swimming star competition created by FINA.





Colourful Style Show, Singers Singing with Relacart H-31 Wireless Performance Microphone


FINA Champion Swimming Series is a blend of sports and entertainment. The opening ceremony performance will focus on "innovation", using high-tech performance equipment such as LED in the swimming pool to present the shocking scene of the opening ceremony of the Olympic and Asian Games, using water as the medium, creating the theme of Guangdong style and Pearl Water and meeting Guangzhou, giving the audience a strong visual impact.





Singers Singing with Relacart H-31 Wireless Performance Microphone


On the exciting event site, the host uses the Relacart P1 wireless microphone to communicate clearly online, broadcasts the results in real time and interviews the swimming champion athletes.


The swimming and diving hall of Guangdong Olympic Sports Center covers an area of 33331 square meters and has 4584 seats for spectators. In such a wide range of space, high specifications of the competition system, the choice of professional wireless audio transmission is particularly important. Relacart P1 single channel true diversity professional wireless performance microphone system was selected as the host to clearly communicate online, broadcast the results in real time, and host interviews and interaction with swimming champions. P1 can meet the needs of various on-site stages. The receiver itself has the characteristics of true diversity reception, wider host bandwidth, non-interference between frequencies and more optional frequencies. It can ensure the cooperative use of multiple transmitters even in the case of dense spectrum space. True diversity receives more stable, automatically selects information, eliminate dead spots, avoid frequency interruption. It uses two same channels of receiving circuit to minimize noise and leakage caused by radio frequency interference. It is designed for large-scale performances. In the configuration, we added Relacart antenna distribution system, including a R-14D diversity antenna system and a pair of R-22AU active directional antenna systems to capture signals accurately, avoid the phenomenon of series frequency and frequency cut-off caused by dead spots, mainly to meet the needs of signal sufficient stability for large-scale performance activities.






▲Relacart P1 Single Channel True Diversity Professional Wireless Performance Microphone System and Antenna Distribution System, R-14D Diversity Antenna System, R-22AU Directional Antenna System escorts at site. 


▲Host interviewed the champion FuYuanhui by using Relacart P1 Wireless Performance Microphone 


▲Host interviewed the champion XuJiayu by using Relacart P1 Wireless Performance Microphone



▲Host interviewed the international champion by using Relacart P1 Wireless Performance Microphone


In the pool, top swimmers from all over the world compete for speed, skill and endurance. Outside the swimming pool, it is also splendid. It pays attention to the interpenetration of entertainment factors. The organizers have arranged some unique performances, sports exhibitions, etc. to present a splendid auditory and visual feast for the live audience and the audience watching live broadcasting. In the singing process, singers use Relacart HR-31S professional performance wireless audio system for singing, HR-31S adopts the true diversity receiving mode, two antennas arbitrarily choose to receive the strong end of the received signal, this way can greatly eliminate dead spots, avoid dumb or dead-point noise caused by the problem of signal transmission. In addition, it is equipped with the Relacart antenna distribution system to ensure the stable transmission of signals. The use of a pair of R-22AU directional antennas compensates for the weakening of wireless transmission signals caused by crowds and strong wireless interference in large stage. H-31 wireless handheld microphone is full, round and not heavy in low frequency. The sound quality is strong, penetrating and full of passion, which leads the audience into a lively atmosphere.





▲The wonderful competition moment of the top swimming players



▲The singer use H-31 wireless microphone to perform outside the swimming pool


At the same time, Relacart PM-100 professional cable capacitive microphone also played an important role in this event, as the host of the live voice use. According to the frequency characteristics of human voice, PM-100 is designed with electro-acoustic technology to provide clear reproduction of the original voice. The sound transmission unit has the function of air flow filtering, which can eliminate the odor noise when hosting. Multilayer head protection network structure can strengthen the protection of recording broken sound without affecting the quality of treble.



After the event, the news media use the Relacart P1 single channel true diversity professional wireless performance microphone.



On the evening of April 28, after the FINA Championship Swimming Series, Mr. Dell, Vice President of FINA, and some champions attended a press conference to answer questions about the competition, competition system, competition situation and Guangzhou impression. Mr. Dell, Vice President of FINA, praised the competition in Guangzhou Station. He said that FINA was very satisfied with the competition and the wonderful entertainment performances. He thanked the government and all parties for their cooperation. Athletes enjoyed it very much. They liked Guangzhou very much. They also had a good swim. The fans made the atmosphere of the venue very good. Mr. Dell was very grateful for that. During the news media meeting, the athletes were asked questions by Relacart P1 single channel true diversity professional wireless performance microphone. Mr. Dell and the athletes answered the questions by using P1 microphone. The scene atmosphere was relaxed and lively and successfully concluded the 2019 FINA Championship Swimming Series (Guangzhou Station).



▲International Swimming Federation vice president Mr Dell and some of the swimming player answer questions by using Relacart P1 Wireless Microphone


▲Relacart  Electronics Marketing Director Li Shanshan and Swimming Champion




▲Relacart P1 Single Channel True Diversity Professional Wireless Performance System escorts at site


Guangdong has hosted many international competitions, and this time Guangzhou is "drinking the first soup", so the people of Guangdong can watch such a meaningful swimming event at their doorstep. Wang Yuping, Director-General of Guangdong Sports Bureau, stressed that the event was a pioneer of the International Swimming Federation, with stars gathering and broadcasting all over the world. It can not only drive the Chinese sports market, but also provide a good opportunity to show Guangdong and Guangzhou to the whole world.

The Relacart microphone system is perfect to help this 2019 FINA Championship Swimming Series (Guangzhou Station), Real sound always, Relacart presents a more real voice to the world.


▲Relacart team


Finally, attach the results of the Chinese team –We are proud of you!

Sun Yang won the 400-meter freestyle and 200-meter freestyle Championships

Xu Jiayu won the 100-meter backstroke and 200-meter backstroke Championships

Fu Yuanhui won the 100-meter backstroke Championship

Ye Shiwen won the 100-meter breaststroke and 200-meter breaststroke Championships

Wang Shun won the 200-meter Medley Championship

Zhang Yulin won the 200m butterfly swimming championship




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