Relacart ER-3300 was applied to YeSeJinZun Club

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Relacart ER-3300 was applied to YeSeJinZun Club


Night, so hard to resist, irresistible; the night was filled with free release of temptation, is the holy land that every city people look forward to when they are tired. After the intense work, invite friends immersed in the faint night light afterglow, drink wine, sing nostalgic songs, tell the past feelings, taste wonderful life...... This is the meaning of the YeSeJinZun Club.




The YeSeJinZun Club interior decoration is retro and elegant, European style sculpture, making people feel like being in medieval perfect environment in Europe, European style palace furnishings attracts many KTV lovers. The club has president rooms, super-luxury rooms, luxury rooms, standard rooms, mini size rooms, introduces world-class operation mode and first-class audio equipment. This time the club pays great attention to the equipment upgrade, there are nearly 10 engineer companies bidding for the project. After much tense competition,finally Kunming Hengyiyin trading Co. LTD won with Relacart ER-3300 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone. No matter large room or mini room, the club all uses Relacart ER-3300, which has long enjoyed a good reputation and is very popular among the top clubs. This model is with AFS Automatic Frequency Scanning function and IR Synthetic function. Through AFS function, the system can search the interference-free frequency and lock on to it, saving the trouble of adjusting frequency by manual, which adapt to the current changeable environment that is with cluttered interference source. The microphone tube design is personalized. The end tube is with anti-skid clamp design, avoiding the dropping end tube is hard to find in the dark environment or in the dim place or damaged due to stepping on it. The microphone is with power adjustment switch, there are 8mw and 15 mw for choice. Combined with SQ adjustment on the back panel of the host, switch the power according to the use distance, which can position the frequency properly. Bright LCD display, indicate RF and AF signal and battery consumption, monitor the usage of microphone. As for sound aspects, the low pitch is firm, the high pitch is bright, the chanteurs are released, and the sound are relaxed to hear, which is welcome among the KTV lovers. 




At present, the project has completed and put to use. The application effect is beyond thought. The first party said that the consumers are very satisfied with the sound effect, the new and old customers are in a continuous line.

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