Relacart E-9 is to build Hunan Feige Discount Style KTV

2016-01-16 Catalog: Entertainment View:

Relacart E-9 is to build Hunan Feige Discount Style KTV

It is well known that Hunan Satellite TV has become the most active TV entertainment brand in China after the entertainment show, , , < I am singer> and. At the same time, Hunan has become the factory of training star, the streets are full of the flavor of young, fashionable and entertainment. And Hunan Feige Discount Style KTV takes the star wind with new audio-visual effect, breaking the traditional KTV design, owning youth, brightness, MINI and complex style multi-function rooms up to 70 to meet the different need of clients.  The rooms are with complete equipments: personal singing stage, exclusive bar and warm sofa, the general atmosphere gives people a strong visual effect impact. The rooms are with first-class audio equipment, outstanding function, making every client feel “amateur singer, professional sound, tomorrow star”.




Singing can release ourselves, we will rejoice because of music. Because of music, we pursue our dreams. Because of music, we know that life and dream has another expression way, while the high-end audio equipment can help you round star dream. This time FEIGE KTV chose Relacart E-9 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone. This model is the boutique in the entertainment collection, with domestic initiative AFS Automatic Frequency Scanning, can judge the frequency that is interference-free in the real entertainment, and lock on to it through IR synthetic function, avoiding the trouble of adjusting the frequency by manual, convenient for the engineer to test and the signal is stable, make the “tomorrow star” relaxed and enjoy singing. There are 64 selectable frequency, the frequency band is universal, convenient for use. There is power adjustment switch in the handheld microphone, 8mw and 15 mw for choice, combine with the SQ on the back panel of the host, switch the power according to the use distance, which can position the frequency properly, minimum the sound distortion, making the high pitch is bright but not dry, the low pitch is strong and tender. The sound is more dedicated, sweet and mellow. Exquisite craftwork, pure tone, making the chanteurs who hold the top audio boutique sing the real best sound in China.


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