Relacart E-9 march in Sanya Redian Business Theme KTV

2016-01-16 Catalog: Entertainment View:

Relacart E-9 march in Sanya Redian Business Theme KTV


Sanya is called”Eastern Hawaii”,recent years, the tourism industry of Sanya developed swiftly, leading the prosperity of the local entertainment industry, relaxed entertainment sites blossom everywhere. Recently, Relacart E-9 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone with its stability, unique”bright, clear, natural”tembre, great listen and sing effect, successfully march in Sanya Redian Business Theme KTV. Now it has come to operate officially and won great praise from the first party.




Relacart E-9 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone is with AFS Automatic Frequency Scanning function and IR Synthetic function. Through AFS function, the system can search the interference-free frequency and lock on to it. Save the trouble of adjusting frequency by manual, which adapt to the current changeable environment that is with cluttered interference source. Fool style operation, even the non-professionals can control the microphone well, providing great convenience to the sound engineer. Super high bandwidth 554MHz-936MHz, more frequency for selection; The host is with dual channel receive, which guarantee the stability of signal transmission; There is power adjustment switch in the handheld microphone, 8mw and 15 mw for choice, combining with the SQ on the back panel of the host, switch the power according to the use distance, which can position the frequency properly, minimum the sound distortion; The voice perform greatly, the high pitch is clear, the low pitch is tender and magnetic; The timbre is exquisite, sweet, mellow; In structure part, the microphone is with anti-skid clamp design, avoiding the dropping end tube is hard to find in the dark environment or in the dim place or damaged due to stepping on it. The microphone is made of zinc alloy material, which is strong wear resistance, stylish appearance and durable.


After a year of the baptism of the market, Relacart E-9 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone has won the great comment from many clients in function, application and appearance. With its superior stability, anti-interference ability and convenience installation, has become a mature and popular star products

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