“Wireless---Relacart” E—9 Enter FOLLOW KTV in Changsha City

2016-01-16 Catalog: Entertainment View:

 “Wireless---Relacart” E—9 Enter FOLLOW KTV in Changsha City

FOLLOW KTV is an avant-garde entertainment place where is a luxury decoration, beautiful and comfortable and bright colorful light, it’s one of the largest of the large-scale integrated entertainment world in Hunan area ,the rooms is adopted a new design concept, different theme of room design, tidy and beautiful, it is as if in the time tunnel through time space.

Good sound makes it a good atmosphere. In order to cooperate with different theme of FOLLOW KTV room space design, all the rooms chose Relacart E-9 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone distributed by Changsha Ya Feng Lighting and Sound Co. Ltd.. Relacart E-9 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone adopt AFS automatic frequency selection technique and IR infrared frequency technique. AFS automatic frequency selection function can judge from the working frequency interference according to actual environment, and make the clean frequency locked in this spectrum. It’s well adapted to the clutter of interference source, changeable environment, it’s extremely stable to transfer the signal out, and it’s relieved the trouble of manual adjustment and silly operation, it can well control the microphone even if unprofessional that convenient for the tuner making a tune; Ultra high bandwidth, 554MHz-936 MHz, the frequency selection is greater. The receiver is dual channel receiving, which is well guarantee the signal’s stability of transmission. The handheld microphone with the power control switch which can opt for 8mW and 15mW, the emission are depending on the use of distance, Combing with the SQ squelch gate behind the receiver to regulate. It located the frequency properly and reduced the sound distortion. The sound part has outstanding performance, the treble is so clear, and the bass is soft and rich magnetic. The timbre is exquisite, sweet and mellow. In the structure, the microphone tube is designed for antiskid to avoid the dark rooms or in a dark place where the dropping tube is hard to find or trample. Adopting the durable zinc alloy material, it has stylish appearance and durable.

FOLLOW KTV has been put into used at present, the person in charge is fully affirmed for the consummate skill, the strict style of work, and the first-class quality of Relacart E9 dual channel wireless microphone and its superb technology strength.

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