Wireless-Relacart ER-3300 based on the origin, march forward courageously

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Putin once joked: "I am a glance at Albright's brooch and know that today's meeting will scratch the level to which the typhoon". A small brooch is an extension of the Secretary of state on the same day will take the diplomatic strategy, to some extent, in the eyes of Putin, the brooch is one of Albright's diplomatic strategy, based on the origin can have a well-thought-out plan, march forward courageously.

The origin of Relacart is here - ER-3300, do you have courage to proceed when you see it?

Recently, Hefei Shengchuang Intelligent Technology Engineering Co., together with Relacart ER-3300 UHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System won many projects.

"Loneliness is the carnival of a person, and carnival is the loneliness of a group people", only a short while ago, the song "leaf" sang by Asang was replayed in KTV, I have always thought that this song is dedicated to KTV,  as if ER-3300 is designed for entertainment.


Night, with breathtaking magic, high cooling and tenderness, seemingly solid color monotonous but full of infinite possibility, in the night, all the touch and hearing of people began to clear. KTV, which is born for night, is the best export for people who lost the soul and trapped themselves. We can enjoy vent their dissatisfaction and grievances accumulated during the day.  We can indulge ourselves, performance of unknown ourselves through singing here. There was no difference in gender here, some just want to break his own soul, some only want to acme true self in the night blooming.


Relacart ER-3300 impressed us most is its stability.  We will full engage to convey their feelings and vent their feelings in the stability.  It is often the case, the mood just brewing to the vertex, the microphone suddenly no sound, Will you have the impulse to throw the microphone and hit TV? While our initial heart is to help you to solve this problem, let your soul was released in the night.


Next, let's look at some of these shining results.



Based on the ER-3300, we will continue to try, go forward courageously, always allow the Wireless - Relacart living in the charm of the growing period.  

Relacart walk with you hand in hand.

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