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2016-01-16 Catalog: Entertainment View:

The world's only constant is change itself. In the myriads of changes in the world, Relacart ER-3300 has been constantly adjusted in order to adapt to the changes, so it is fully deserved as the origin of entertainment products.


Relacart together with Yesejinjun release night charm

       The night, so hard to resist, irresistible; the night was filled with temptation of free release, is the holy land of each city people who is physical and mental fatigue. After nervous work, invite friends immersed in the faint night lights in the afterglow, drink wine, sing nostalgic songs, tell the past feelings, taste wonderful life...... This is the meaning that Yesejinjun Club locates.



        The Yesejinzun Night Club, the interior decoration of which is retro and elegant, European style sculpture, people feel like being in Europe after the modern medieval perfect deep, a European palace furnishings attracts many KTV lovers. The club has president rooms, ultra luxury room, luxury room, standard room, mini room,etc, introduce the world-class operating mode, first-class audio equipment. The nightclub pay great attention to the equipment upgrading this time, nearly ten contractors bid for it, after much fierce competition, finally Kunming Hengyi sound economic and trade limited company won the bid with Relacart ER-3300 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone



No matter large room or mini room, the club all adopt Relacart ER-3300, which is famous all the time and very popular in the top entertainment places.  The microphone adopts AFS Automatic Frequency Selection and IR infrared frequency sync technology, search the interference-free frequency and lock on to an open frequency by the IR lock frequency function, excuse the trouble of manual operation. The microphone tube is humanized design, adopt anti-drop clamping design,avoid crush after the tube drop down in the dark room or dim place. The microphone is set with power adjustment switch, 8mw and 15mw for selection, can choose the transmission power according to the usage distance, combing the SQ adjustment on the rear panel, can properly position the frequency. Bright LCD display shows RF, AF signal and battery volume, real-time monitor the microphone usage status; In terms of voice, the bass vigorous strong, high voice is bright and relaxed, make the singer heartily release, the listener free, are welcomed by many karaoke fans

Relacart ER - 3300 enter the TOP ONE

                       - lead the new carrier in entertainment industry

TOP ONE is the top entertainment discount style KTV in Yunnan that China and Taiwan cooperation project. A total investment of 10000000 yuan, covers an area of more than 6000 square meters, a total of 85 rooms, with five-star decoration and equipment. For the creation of the top discount style KTV, designers have great originality, comprehensive characteristics and advantages of Chinese and Western design, embodies the pursuit of freedom and free and creative entertainment experience, become the first choice of  localized in fine fashion lifestyle. TOP ONE is currently the largest discount style KTV in Yunnan area. Fantasy and reality blend, to construct a modern European palatial magnificent entertainment resort, in the foreign luxury show the king distinguished style, full interpretation of the perfect human nature. This is the humanities and unique taste, the space of harmonious coexistence, will produce an extravagant and rich resonance model of sensory experience. Relacart ER-3300 presence, even makes it become the new leading carrier in the entertainment industry.


  Relacart ER-3300 enterYunnan TOP ONE

     - again be the leading carrier in the entertainment industry

Force card after 6 months after the TOP ONE in kunming, yunnan, on July 2, again into the TOP ONE, anning city of yunnan branch.

After Relacart into TOP ONE in Kunming, Yunnan, again into the TOP ONE, Anning city branch, Yunnan.



Relacart ER-3300 is entertainment collection in the boutique, sophisticated materials, superb technology, pure and beautiful timbre are astonishing. The top entertainment match top audio-visual equipment, Relacart together TOP ONE leading the latest Yunnan fashion, avant-garde entertainment, led the Yunnan entertainment industry the new carrier!

 Relacart ER-3300 in constant practice, and ultimately successful frame for the origin of Relacart entertainment products, standing on the shoulders of giants, our field of vision will be more open, Relacart will use a new attitude to meet the ever-changing market.


Relacart together with you, more exciting, it is worth looking forward to.

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