Wireless—Relacart ER-3300 The growth trajectory of origin.

2016-01-16 Catalog: Entertainment View:

The struggling yesterday achieves today's brilliance. Bitter today creates tomorrow's brilliant. Relacard ER-3300 never let anyone down, along the way, down to earth, create a miracle one to another.

Here we will look back to the origin of Relacart entertainment products--ER-3300, the miraculous journey of life.

Relacart ER-3300 apply to Dazhou Canival Club


Carnival locates in Dazhou entertainment downtown, the decoration theme of is fashion noble style, with luxury reserved for the tone, position it as Dazhou high-grade exquisite life fashion choice land. Warm and beautiful European style sofa floor painted glass well-proportioned, surface foil material glass chandelier and ceiling of concave and convex cone mutual set off, like an Egyptian pyramids style, very significant. Sit among them, music floated, taste a cup of lemon juice, heart healthy people, like entering a warm and romantic dream general situation. Set foot in the soft cotton flowers on the red carpet, let a person as if to Hollywood, oneself is the Hollywood star!

 Relacart ER-3300 adopts AFS automatic frequency selection technique and IR infrared frequency technique. AFS automatic frequency selection function can judge from the working frequency interference according to actual environment, and make the clean frequency locked in this spectrum. It’s well adapted to the clutter of interference source, changeable environment, it’s extremely stable to transfer the signal out, In the structure, the microphone tube is designed for antiskid to avoid the dark rooms or in a dark place where the dropping tube is hard to find or trample. The handheld microphone with the power control switch which can opt for 8mW and 15mW, the emission are depending on the use of distance, Combing with the SQ squelch gate behind the receiver to regulate. It locates the frequency properly and reduced the sound distortion. The sound part has outstanding performance, the treble is so clear, and the bass is soft and rich magnetic. The timbre is exquisite, sweet and mellow.


 Shaoxing Jinle palace business clubs


    Shaoxing Jinle palace business clubs, is the most high-grade and largest KTV locally, there are more than 80 rooms. The total investment of the club is nearly billion yuan, the total area of it is more than 30,000 square meters, entering the club like walking into an European luxury palaces, club contains 81 rooms, which are divided into 9 presidential rooms, 6 heads of state rooms and some ordinary rooms. It is worth mentioning is that each room is not a simple copy, into any one room, is not the same pattern, design is not the same, not the same feeling, it can be said that the 81 rooms, each with a different surprise.


The club rooms used the Relacart wireless microphone more than 80 sets, which is designed and positioning for KTV, the microphone is infrared frequency-sync one, frequency band setting, each band has 64 adjustable frequencies. The receiver with built-in Relacart anti-interference technology, automatic frequency selection function, can automatically search frequency that is free from interference, it is particularly suitable for multi compartment buildings. As the handheld microphone can match any frequency band of receiver, greatly reducing the after-sales trouble, but also shorten the time of after-sales. Wide frequency response, 55Hz~16KHz, medium and high frequency outstanding, make you sing relaxing, comfortable. This product with strong anti-interference, good after-sales, sound beauty, is indeed the first choice of many places.

    Relacart ER-3300 applied to Yancheng Royal Court International Club

Yancheng Royal Court International Club is largest and most upscale local entertainment clubs in Jiangsu, more than 80 rooms, the facade with antique but not the lack of modern, luxury decoration inside all the European style design, the lobby lights flashing, magnificent, service personnel courteous, so you just entered the palace, to bring you the prince princess enjoy; rooms inside the unique style, rich layering, lively and extraordinary.


















The club used Relacart wireless microphone more than 80 sets.  This model adopt infra frequency-sync technology, frequency banding setting, each frequency band includes 64 adjustable frequencies. The receiver is with built-in anti-interference technology, automatic frequency selection function, can automatically search the interference-free frequency in the environment, especially suitable for the multiple-room places. As the handheld microphone can match any frequency band of receiver, greatly reducing the after-sales trouble, but also shorten the time of after-sales.


Relacart ER-3300, numerous shining results, but the pursuit of stability in the original intention has not changed, we will always insist it.

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