When “Digital--Relacart” meets JBL

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"Digital--Relacart" spread good news yesterday again! Relacart X-10 UHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone stationed in Enping City Myth Club! Gratifying!

As a high-end club in Enping City, its use of products has always been famous for high-end atmosphere. For example, this time in addition to the use of Relacart microphone, but also used JBL series audio. In addition, its consumers are high-end consumer groups.


High Prices

X-10, because it is perfect and excellent enough, over the years continues to attract eyeball of karaoke, multi-functional hall, small meeting and performance occasions project businessman. It has a complete function, stability, simple operation, high cost performance and other characteristics.

The staff in debugging X-10

X-10 Microphone

X-10 Key Features


●EIA-standard 1U-rack receiver chassis.


●Super wide frequency range 554MHz~936 MHz .


●Bright and easy-to-read LCD display shows RF/AF, diversity strengths, receiver channels.


●Press the "AFS"(Auto Frequency Selection) button 3S and the receiver will auto-scan and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency.


●Press [IR] button to upload automatically the receiver frequency to the transmitter


●PLL (Phase Lock Loop frequency control) design ensures transmission reliability, "Noise Lock" squelch effectively blocks stray RF.


●Each channel 32 selectable frequencies, dual-channel 64 selectable frequencies, total 24 frequency band 768 frequencies for selection.


●134 MHz transmitter, the four transmitters with different frequencies band (256 transmitters) can be changed freely, convenient for adjustment and management.


●The handheld microphone offer durable , alloy body, soft-touch controls. Its rubber designed for anti-drop and anti-shock use.


●Accurate low consume current design, battery life is twice as common


●The system is controlled by microcomputer to find noninterference frequency making the whole system more stable.

The staff in debugging X-10


The X-10 in Myth Club will be combined with the audio equipment of JBL, brand combined with brand, high quality, true voice! Release an exciting!

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