Great support from Relacart ER-3510MH, GRF 3D KTV drawn into TOPONE in Anning city

2016-03-28 Catalog: Entertainment View:
Recently, Kunming Yi Cheng sound & Light Co., Ltd. integrated GRF Royal-DM speaker series and Relacart ER-3510MH wireless entertainment microphone to stationed inside TOPONE, a top entertainment KTV, achieved super construction sound effects, set up an industrial example building personalized KTV. As a trendsetter, ER-3510MH is extremely popular with our clients because of its advanced useful functions, like smart mute, true diversity receiving mode, etc. And our clients can feel our sincere service because ER-3510 can be customized!
1. Relacart helped GRF to build 3D KTV GRF Royal-DM series built the 5.1 surround sound, real 3D •DTS decoding stereo space sound, which makes any place your K-stage. For the KTV rooms, full of reverberation effect matches voice reduction with high definition will create wonderful auditory effect. 

(TOPONE KTV)Relacart ER-3500 receiver can use with three different microphones separately: EH-3510A, EH-3510B, EH-3510K. As a microphone has performance level, EH-3510 not only has unique professional sound but also can work with many different speakers to show the best acoustics. Bright but not piercing in high frequency; clear and clean in intermediate frequency; real and full in low frequency help singer to sing up the ideal performance easily without feeling tired. 
Additionally, EH-3510 is equipped with three levels of audio attenuation switch (0dB,-10dB,-20dB) fitting different performers and environments. Therefore, Relacart ER-3510MH built the most excellent comfortable wireless voice transmission system for 3D KTV in GRF, and made soundtrack 5.1 sounds more stereoscopic.
 (Three level audio attenuation switch)
2. Customized Microphone in TOPONE KTV Shows Brand IdentityThe customized microphone for TOPONE KTV is EH-3510K, a champagne gold hand-held microphone, printing logo“TOPONE” on it,embodying the brand value and the VI concept.Nowadays, in the fierce KTV competition, no matter what kind of marketing modes you are playing with, the service and brand remind the final customers mostly. And from marketing aspect, the more the logo appears, the deeper the royalty carves into customer’s mind. But, Relacart would like to sacrifice its name to promote client’s brand by offering a customized branded microphone. And that is not the only thing Relacart can do for a customized microphone. 
(TOPONE Logo on Relacart Microphone)
3.Diversified Customized Service Increase the KTV Individual TendencyCustomization always happens in the concert of top singers or batch production. But now you can have in Relacart at any time. For showing more rich entertainment spirits, Relacart ER-3510MH true diversity microphone with smart mute function is available in different colors and shapes. What’s more? Even you can choose your favorite material or tube body.
( EH-3510B in Four Different Colors)
(Detail of Stainless Microphone Tube )Making in aluminum alloy, EH-3510 hand-held microphone picked the most difficult appearance design, the compact and lightweight one. Regarded, as a fresh breeze in so many bulky microphone designs, the novel EH-3510 is a real surprise for those who are feeling fatigued by the old microphone style. It will also evoke again the evolution about the appearance design and technical process, leading us to the ideas flourishing age. The factory configuration for EH-3510 is champagne gold and delicate end tube and cover, but for different demands, we provide different colors and end tubes customization. Besides these colorful designs, we even have two special colors: ice white and ice blue that bring out the unique KTV personality.
(EH-3510A ice white/stainless/ice blue)The poor using conditions of KTV is a difficult problem recognized by public. And as a product endorser, the maintenance is a lot of work. Relacart ER-3510MH launched an entirely different microphone--stainless tube body microphone! With Relacart stainless microphone, even under the poor KTV conditions, you don’t need to worry about the sprayed paint will fall off from the tube body, plating oxidation and plating fading. In addition, EH-3510MH has intelligent electricity-saving, humanized application. The hand-held microphone adopts the intelligent auto-mute, auto-drop-to-mute, auto-off function. 
(M2 Stainless microphone)
4. Boutique Building leads the fashion trends of entertainment. TOPONE, the top KTV in Anning city, applied more than 90 sets of Relacart ER-3510MH wireless entertainment microphones. What makes Relacart stand out from other brands is its powerful functions and super quality, of course ER-3510MH created many “No.1” titles in microphone industry.
(ER-3510MH Stainless Hand-held Microphone)ER-3510MH is the first microphone that adopts true diversity technology in KTV;ER-3510MH is the first microphone that adopts the most delicate tube body in KTV;ER-3510MH is the first microphone that provides customized entertainment microphone as you like;ER-3510MH is the first microphone that provides three levels of audio attenuation in KTV. ER-3510MH is the first microphone…
Why we need true diversity receiving mode? Because we need a more stable signal won’t have fault frequency even in a crowded KTV room ( human beings can absorb wireless signal that will affect the wireless signal transmission).Why we need to have novel microphone, which so against the tide? You may already get the answer from your iPad, iPhone or laptop that become more and more lightweight and exquisite. So now it’s time for a new microphone.Why we need to customize our entertainment microphone? Well, there are so many different speakers need equipped with suitable microphone, so many different demands from different clients we need to satisfy; so many theme KTV rooms we need to cater…Relacart customization aims to providing better service, promoting our brand value and additional values.Why …
Relacart has solved plenty of “why” questions one by one. And what is beneath these great revolutions is our powerful foundation –134MHz, a super wide bandwidth of Relacart ER-3510MH. Covering frequency band of four receivers can offer a better management of hand-held microphone in KTV, you just need to match frequency by pressing a button;Relacart ER-3510MH adopts frequency groups to manage its frequency. For example, in TOPONE KTV, according to the different locations of KTV rooms, our company set the different frequency groups in advance. It saves a lot of troubles and avoids the string frequency aroused by wrong frequency setting;Relacart ER-3510MH adopts smart mute technology, which is not mute with hand touch like other normal microphone selling on the market right now but gyroscope sensor technology with higher accuracy. Auto-mute, auto-drop-to-mute, auto-off function(when the microphone is put horizontal or less than 45 degree for 5sec, the microphone will be auto-off. When drop down, the microphone will be auto-mute. That is intelligent electricity-saving and humanized application). In other words, it can kill the feedback sounds efficiently—as we all know that during the operating of microphone in KTV, most of all customers put the microphone so randomly that cause the producing feedback sound easily. However, thanks to the smart auto-mute function, this kind of phenomenon will reduce greatly.
(ER-3510MH)The birth of the boutique wireless entertainment microphone is neither only because of promoting the concept nor the process of occupying the market by cheaper price. It creates mutually by depending on the accumulation of wireless audio transmission technology, the real demand problems solving in KTV entertainment environment, the brand precipitation and interdependence between clients and Relacart. We believe that Relacart ER-3510MH will be a rare boutique in entertainment market as it has so many advantages we mentioned above.
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