Relacart TM-500 Wireless Microphone System with Antenna System applied in a botanical garden

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Recently, a botanical garden in a province needs to add a suitable professional wireless audio system. Customers need the frequency coverage of wireless microphones in the botanical garden to ensure that the language of the interpreter and the sound reinforcement are synchronized, and the tourists can clearly hear the sound. The botanical garden has a total area of 55.45 hectares and a total investment of 225 million yuan. It is a new interactive botanical garden that integrates six functions of ornamental, popular science, ecology, economy, culture and scientific research.
The plant classification garden forms a tour route according to the cronquist classification system, and each district focuses on displaying plants of the same family, genus, or the same type. According to the difference in color and flowering period between different species or varieties, a diverse plant landscape is formed. Combined with the layout of the landscape space, 21 parks including Magnolia Garden, Pine Garden, Peony Garden, Flowering peach Garden, Begonia Garden, Mallow Garden, and Plum blo ssom Garden were set up.
In the process of selecting the audio system, the customer put forward several requirements:
1. The botanical garden has a wide site, many divided parks, zoned sound reinforcement, long sound transmission distance, and a large number of audio systems. It is necessary to avoid undesirable phenomena such as delay, signal instability, and frequency-crossing.
2. A botanical garden in a province is a famous tourist spot. On weekdays, it will welcome many tourists from all over the country. It is easy to be in a state of noisy human voices and serious cell phone interference. To ensure the smooth work of the people in the park and the experience of tourists, the audio equipment needs to be clear and free of noise.
3. Most of the landscape in the botanical garden is outdoors. The audio system must cope with all possible weather conditions, and there are certain requirements for the overall aesthetics.
4. Although the epidemic has been basically controlled, all localities cannot be taken lightly until it is completely over. Therefore, customers require that the audio system in the park can be used to minimize cross-use and provide security for workers.
In the end, the customer selected 8 sets of Relacart TM-500 dual-channel true diversity wireless microphones and 16 pcs of R-32AU directional antenna to perform sound reinforcement in the Botanical Garden, which convey the clearest and loudest sound.

▲Each park of the Botanical Garden uses Relacart TM-500 Dual-channel True Diversity Wireless Microphone for sound reinforcement

▲The Botanical Park uses Relacart R-32AU directional antennas and TM-500 Dual-channel True Diversity Wireless Microphones to enhance the signal reception and provide the best reception within the required coverage

According to the above requirements, 8 sets of TM-500 dual-channel true diversity wireless microphones and 16 pcs of R-32AU directional antenna from Relacart can meet all customer requirements.
TM-500 dual-channel true diversity wireless microphone is independently developed by Relacart. It has the advantages of true UHF, ultra-wide bandwidth, automatic frequency matching, one person and one microphone, low consumption and portability.
TM-500 true diversity wireless receiver can add external equipment to achieve the function of  automatic synchronization microphone, external central control, page turning, and cascading. The receiver is equipped with a beautiful LED digital tube indicator panel, which can clearly display the receiving channel, RF and AF signal. Adopting true diversity FM superheterodyne reception, ensure the stability of the received RF signal and the receiver's own anti-interference. The operating frequency range is 521MHz ~ 938MHz, which is according to the radio wave control laws and regulations of various countries.
The TM-5H handheld microphone has a novel appearance and a small size. The circuit uses advanced phase-locking technology, built-in removable lithium battery, USB-TYPE-C charging interface, and laser pointer. Low power consumption, continuous working time ≥ 8 hours on one charge. Equipped with QI certified wireless charging base, it can also realize wireless charging.
TM-500 is suitable for schools, tourist attractions and office units. It is a series of products with stable functions, long receiving distance, easy installation and high cost-effective.

▲Relacart TM-500 Dual Channel True Diversity Wireless Microphone

▲Botanical garden computer room Relacart TM-500 dual channel true diversity wireless microphone cabinet

The R-32AU directional antenna has the characteristics of reliable performance, damage resistance and durability, and can provide the best receiving effect within the required coverage. The gain setting is used to enhance the expansion of signal reception. It can also be used in conjunction with Relacart receiver and the antenna distribution system.
The R-32AU has a lightweight and flexible appearance, which is convenient for carrying and installation. It can be fixed on the microphone stand, hung on the ceiling, or fixed on the wall using an integrated rotatable stand.

▲Relacart R-32AU Directional Antenna
Relacart TM-500 dual-channel true diversity wireless microphone and R-32AU directional antenna selected by a botanical garden in a province meets the requirements of customers: the zone is amplified, the transmission is clear and no noise, and the signal is stable and not cross-frequency, convenient and beautiful, clean and portable. With 26 years of accumulated strength and continuous improvement of technology, Relacart has created a professional audio system that can easily adapt to various occasions, providing customers with satisfactory services.
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