Relacart HR-30S once again won the favor of Hangzhou BOSS Group

2016-06-23 Catalog: Wireless Conference Systems View:

Hangzhou Boss Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. mainly produces kitchen appliances, the boss of the kitchen appliances in adhere to the implementation of brand strategy and focus on the implementation of cultural marketing strategy, put forward "superb technology easy cooking" brand advocates, so that each family can enjoy the easy cooking experience that the exquisite technology brought, leading creativity, wisdom, comfortable taste of life. In order to create a good corporate atmosphere and enrich staff activities, the boss group to build a new 600 square meters of the auditorium, to meet the company's internal staff recreational activities and the daily needs of large meetings. Following the last satisfactory cooperation with Relacart. The auditorium building still use the four sets of Relacart HR-30SMH (wireless handheld microphone), four sets of HR-30SME (wireless bodypack transmitter + headset microphone), a set of ASM-822 intelligent mixer and two pieces of TSG-500 gooseneck microphone. After finishing the equipments, the boss group is satisfied with the equipment and sound.

(Hangzhou BOSS Group new auditorium)
(HR-30S Wireless microphone and ASM-822 Mixer equipment set)HR-30S professional performance level wireless audio system with strong anti-interference, high stability HR-30S true diversity wireless audio system designed for large-scale professional performance, with Relacart innovative research and development of RWW1.1 wireless digital system control software, can in various complicated professional performance environment real-time monitoring signal, convenient for equipment operation and management. Boss group selected a handheld microphone for activities hosted or using for singing, handheld microphones adopted cardioid technology, easy to control but not easy to whistle, mid-pitch full rounded but not thick, excellent on the sense of space, four sets of mini smart bodypack matched with HM-800S headset microphone which can be used in speech or singing and dancing, to show the physical activity when using. The wireless audio system with a true diversity technology, two arbitrary antenna selection to receive the stronger end of signal, this way can greatly eliminate blind spots, avoid the mute or dead noise due to the problem of signal transmission, higher stability when it is used.
(Relacart H-30 handheld microphone, T-30 bodpack transmitter, HM-800S headset microphone)ASM-822 8-channel intelligent mixer, intelligent and convenient, flexible expansion ASM-822 intelligent mixing device is designed for a professional audio conferencing control equipment, equipped with a microprocessor via an audio control and processing technology easily achieve high quality signal processing, has the advantages of intelligent management and flexible adjustment, can according to any situation and use rapid formation, in addition to the application to build a good environment for the meeting outside, in some small and medium-sized performance occasions, can also acts as a simple mixer, in one fell swoop purposes.In the installation of BOSS Group auditorium, eight sets of HR-30S wireless performance audio system respectively access ASM-822 intelligent mixer 8 independent channels, each channel independently regulated and do not influence each other. For performance occasions, in the indoor equipment and other devices to access may channel is not enough, at this time Relacart ASM-822 8 independent channel acts as a simple mixer, solved this problem well. The built-in high performance DSP processor automatic processing gain of the system and control the howling, if the future BOSS Group will need to create a multimedia conference hall, auditorium, ASM-822 intelligent mixer is turned professional conference system can be equipped with RS-232 interface, connection of various control equipment, with flexible expansibility, can cascade up to 16 hosts, to meet the requirements of BOSS Group future use.
(Relacart HR-30S Wireless Audio System, ASM-822 Intelligent Mixer)The Relacart equipment, which was easily set up in the auditorium of BOSS group, laid the foundation for the group of rich internal staff activities.Use good equipment can enjoy the fun, to get the favor of the Boss Group and used again by them, Relacart also wish the boss industrial group development of flourishing in the future, do it better and better!
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