Relacart VTS-1000 to help Hunan province IRS video mobilization meeting

2016-06-23 Catalog: Wireless Conference Systems View:
Recently for Hunan Province national tax system to carry out "demand a large collection of service visit" video activity mobilization meeting requirement of video conference, soft Zhaotong Hunan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan State Taxation Bureau, video conference room used Relacart VTS-1000 automatic video tracking system, WDC-900 2.4G wireless digital conference discussion system and ER-3300 dual channel wireless audio system, match WDC-900C wireless chairman unit, four WDC-900D wireless delegate unit, R-20U/R-20W used by pointing to plate-like antenna and R-20A active antenna amplifier, the State Taxation Bureau of Hunan Province and develop a good video conferencing environment, providing excellent conference solution.
(Hunan National Bureau Tax Video Meeting room)VTS-1000 automatic video tracking system, simple and accurate VTS-1000 is automatic video tracking system supporting 6 composite video signal input, 1 composite video signal output, can match any conference system that with video funcetion, such as Relacart WDC-900 2.4G wireless digital conference discussion system, make video tracking function come true. The Hunan IRS video conference room is to combine the two sets of equipment collocation to install, when the delegates open microphone, camera automatic tracking to the position where the speakers and connected video display device then show it out, to meet the needs of video conferencing.
(Relacart WDC-900, VTS-1000 and ER-3300 equipment group)WDC-900 wireless conference unit,anti interference ofWDC-900 wireless conference system adot digital and analog combining technology, 2.4G frequency band of communication data processing, which improves the ability of anti-interference, is not easy to generate the crossed frequency phenomenon, U HF signal transmission, transmission longer and more stable. The WDC-900 wireless conference unit super cardioid condenser microphone, compared to the cardioid, super cardioid refers to offset the more from the microphone to the side direction of voice, to achieve high-quality sound pick up strong resistance to mobile phone interference ability. Hunan National Tax Bureau of a chairman unit and four representative units for the leadership of the use of a limited time mode, the application mode and FIFO of three flexible ways to speak. 

(Relacart WDC-900 Wireless Meeting Unit)Antenna distribution system enhance and stabilize wireless signalThe construction of the Hunan IRS video conference room, Relacart antenna distribution system was selected to stabilize the conference signal. The WDC-900 conference system connects the R-20A to amplifier the received signal, and then connects the R-20U to stabilize the receiving signal, which ensures the stable transmission and reception of the signal. The R-20W system has good expansibility, and it is not necessary to increase the transmitting antenna when adding the meeting unit, which is directly connected with the DC-900 and is used for the transmission of the communication signal. Installed on the ceiling of the meeting room, convenient installation, not only beautiful, fit the meeting room to build the sound environment of the ceiling design, but also to the receiving unit to provide a stable signal, to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting. In addition, the IRS is also equipped with a set of ER-3300 wireless audio system, with EH-3300 handheld microphone, ultra broadband design, high stability, anti-interference ability, for the visiting participants to express their views.

(Relacart R-20A, R-20U Antenna Distribution System)
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