Relacart WDC-900 Wireless Conference System installed in Haige Communications Group

2016-06-23 Catalog: Wireless Conference Systems View:
Guangzhou Haige Communication Group Company is a national innovation oriented enterprises, one of the national electronic information hundred enterprises, the main members of Guangzhou,Radio Group enterprise. To meet the enterprise development requirement, Haige Group makes upgrading construction on the conference room and  multi-function hall. On this construction,Relacart WDC-900 2.4G Wireless Digital Discussion System was selected, matched WDC-900C/D wireless delegate, TS-900 conference gooseneck base matched GS-853 and GS-450 Gooseneck microphone, FM-100G embedded gooseneck microphone base matched GS-530 gooseneck microphone, providing the perfect solution for wireless conference audio system.

(Haige Group)WDC-900 combined digital and analog,stable transmission WDC-900 wireless conference system that used in the construction of Haige Group Multi-media reporting Hall, applied to the front seat. The digital and analog combining Relacart WDC-900 wireless conference system, 2.4G frequency band of communication data processing, which improves the ability of anti-interference, is not easy to generate the crossed frequency phenomenon, UHF signal transmission, transmission longer and more stable. Mature and stable ZigBee wireless data communication converter DC-900, three-layer of confidentiality, a collection of the advantages of high stability, higher density, high performance, short delay and low consumption, flexible way of speaking makes conference methodical.
(Relacart WDC-900 wireless conference system equipment)

(Relacart WDC-900 Wireless Delegate)FM-100G embedded base,simple and beautifulFM-100G using rugged durable alloy material manufacture, about 30mm in diameter, paired with gooseneck microphone installed in the conference room, effectively prevent due to impact and vibration noise and eliminate the received low frequency resonance caused by mechanical coupling. Haige communications group conference room of the installation on the desktop to play about 30mm hole, tighten the screws, install gooseneck microphone, simple and convenient to complete the installation. The plane this convenient base for the platform, the forum, conference table or other similar, gooseneck microphone elegant collocation.
(Haige Group Meeting Room)
(Relacart FM-100G Base)
(Relacart FM-100G base matched gooseneck microphone)GS series gooseneck microphone,flexible, anti-interference Relacart GS series microphones made by pure copper, combines the RF shielding technology, with radio frequency anti-interference ability, avoid the interference from mobile phones. And with low cut switch, prevent plosives with transformer coupling ultra low resistance output, clean and clear. In the environment without disturbing the sound quality, create and protect the quality of the conference environment.
(Relacart TS-900 Base)
(Relacart GS-853 Gooseneck Microphone)Relacart wireless conference system with antenna distribution system, powerful alliances,strengthen the transmission of wireless signals, provide perfect solutions for Haige group wireless audio conference system, has also been approved by Party A and admiration, wish Haige group development and growth, better and better! 
(Relacart R-20W Panel Antenna)
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