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 The CEO of Prada Mr. Patrizio Bertelli said, stay true to yourself and take risks, so Prada survived in the fierce competition. Due to its consistent to Italian quality from the beginning to the end, it develops prosperously. In other words, Prada sticks to their point of origin. 

Where is your point of origin?


Guangzhou, the city origin point of it is Guangzhou People’s Park South Plaza Centre, while the origin point of Relacart entertainment products is ER-3300.


When mention Relacart, ER-3300 resonate with a lot of people. Since its inception in 2010, the entertainment player is like mountain meet water, give the product in grace. Relacart ER-3300 wireless microphone is the new products that Relacart launched in 2010. One Receiver with two transmitters, can select handheld mic, clip mic or headset mic. . This product accumulated some functional characteristics of Relacart previous wireless products, and targeted improvement in certain situations, made its application more outstanding. It mainly applies to the large scale KTV, night club, disco, bar and conference room, etc. The product is wide frequency respond, easy to sing, penetrating. The handheld microphone is made by metal tube, humanized-design anti-shock, which perfectly solved the problem that KTV is easy-drop and effectively reduce the after-sales cost. The auto frequency selection technology is with super-strong anti-interference and anti-frequency capability, minimize the trouble during the usage, it is the very high cost performance selection.


Key Features:



1. The receiver is with AUTO FREQUENCY SELECTION function, press ’AFS’ button 3S and the receiver will auto-scan and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency. This function is especially effective to anti-interference, which is also the key competition advantage that Relacart distinguished other brands.

2.Super wide frequency band 134MHZ, the microphone is available to any frequency band of receiver, simple operation, flexible application.

3、The end-tube is clamp anti-drop design, Even when install the battery, the open end-tube will not depart from the microphone, avoiding dropping, very convenient for management.

4. Built-in power transmission switch function, there is 8mW and 15 mW for selection. The default setting is 15mW. If the actual room or the environment area is small, can switch to 8mW, which can reduce the transmission distance, can also minimize the interference to other wireless devices, extend the continuous usage time of the battery.

5. The back panel is designed with VOLUME adjustment, SQ sensitivity adjustment, SQ can adjust the receiving distance. If the usage area is small, the wireless devices is in large quantity, can adjust the SQ to lower, which can effectively avoid interference and cross-frequency.

6、The handheld microphone is made by alloy, anti-drop, anti-shock, the handheld microphone display board can display the channel and battery status. Besides, the LCD board is sunken design, avoid the direct impact to the LCD board when the handheld mic drop down.

7.Optimizing transmitter circuit board, two AA batteries can use 15 to 20 hours continuously.

These features, do you still remember?  

Although, time never stop the pace of it forward, classic and won't be submerged by the river of time, the buried at deep like the Titanic, the posterity praise beyond life and death of the beautiful love, today to talk up still let a person deeply moving. This is the power of the classic.

      Relacart ER – 3300, with the charming line of concave and convex, inside has a humanized anti-drop  block-out design, enclosure is the classical collocation of black and white and dichromatic, from inside and outside send out a classical missish and fashionable noble taste, into the hall, next to the kitchen, is absolutely inside and outside and repair the good family.

      Relacart ER - 3300, as the origin of Relacart entertainment products, we are proud of and will always stick to its original design, it conveys the spirit and quality. We will use, in a steady new attitude to bring you more good products, please look...

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