WDC-900 Application in Hotels

2016-01-16 Catalog: Wireless Conference Systems View:

Jinan Langtong information technology co., LTD., together with Relacart WDC – 900 come into Linyi city Blue Ocean International Hotel. Linyi Blue Ocean International Hotel was built according to the five-star standard construction features a “gourmet + beauty” comprehensive gourmet hotel. Hotel design fusion of modern fashion and traditional art elements, noble and elegant. Distinguished government, Jane delicious authentic local flavor food, comfortable rooms, supreme trendy leisure place, perfect first-class conference facilities, all-round meet your accommodation, banquet, business and leisure needs.

With the development of the economy, all kinds of resources is more and more concentrated, integrated hotel, the comprehensive department store constantly emerging, more and more big business meeting directly from the office moved to the hotels, the hotel unique complex environment, the conference system only has high confidentiality and stability in the environment like a duck to water, and the WDC – 900 is affirmed by the comprehensive hotel, whether from the quality of the product or from development prospects, is a qualitative leap.

In the practice of multiple inspection, Blue Ocean International Hotel not only affirms Relacart products, but also praised the Jinan Langtong information technology co., LTD, superb technology and responsible attitude of doing things.

Market choice as the eyes of the public, “Wireless –Relacart” will always adhere to the effort, to bring you better products and better service.

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