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Holding Group Anhui Xinhua Media Co., Ltd. is February 2008 the former Anhui Xinhua Publishing Group Co., Ltd. established restructuring, and on 18 January 2010 listed as national industry releases the first A-share listed companies, located in Baohe District, Hefei city. The main business of the group including publications, consumer culture, education services, modern logistics, integrated business and cultural real estate, involving film and television media, audio-visual publishing, advertising media, import and export business, operating a hotel etc. fields, and actively expand the digital distribution, equity investment and other emerging industries. According to the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, published in July 2015, "press and publication industry analysis report", the overall economic scale of the group continued to maintain the national counterparts in the first.
 (Anhui New Media)With the expansion of business, conference is frequent day by day, in order to provide a high-quality multifunctional presentation hall and convenient daily work reports and presentations for the employees, Anhui new media group made the conference room audio system of transformation and upgrading. In this upgrading, they selected two sets of Relacart WAM-400 automatic intelligent wireless mixer system and two sets of Relacart UR-220D wireless audio system matching a R-14D diversity of the antenna distribution system, two R-20A active antenna amplifier and two R-20U directional panel antenna. This whole set of Relacart equipment make Anhui new media conference room a brand new feeling.
(Anhui new media multi-function lecture hall)Multifunctional lecture hall to achieve good acoustical effect need reasonable reverberation and sound diffusion, no sound focusing, no audible noise and vibration, no acoustic shadow and so on, indoor sound source, sound waves hit the walls, ceilings and floors will produce a reflection, acoustic reflex to comply with the law of reflection, and the incident wave encounter reflector is concave surface, acoustic reflex will be concentrated together, forming a sound focusing, which I similar to light focusing. Sound caused by the accumulation of energy is too concentrated, the sound of convergent point noise, and other areas to sound conditions, expand the non-uniformity of sound field, seriously impact on the audience of listening conditions.
(Relacart complete set equipment)Relacart WAM-400 automatic intelligent wireless mixer system is mainly used for small multi-function hall Anhui new media group, with the perfect automatic intelligent wireless mixing system based on digital control technology and wireless technology, functional and practical, with high performance DSP processor as the core design, suppress howling, and create a good environment to install the meeting; convenient, automatic, manual control is not required, just at the meeting on the spot set, that can play automatically, without setting a key function of complex, easy to complete; flexible floor, in the front position of Anhui new media multi-function hall placed 8 pieces of  UD-200 wireless microphone which can be opened at the same time, speaking unit set to 1-4, which has microphone locking function, guarantee the sound always exist, to avoid the errors caused by the touch tone. Intelligent features designed to Anhui new media group's conference room provides convenient and clear tone, enable the conference to achieve high quality and high efficiency.
(UD-200 Wireless Conference Microphone)
(UD-200 Wireless Conference Microphone)In addition, Anhui new media group's multi-function hall equipped with the Relacart UR-220D wireless audio system for the speech and report, can be used in the stage of give a lecture on report or on a walk around the speech, the equipment room performance level of the microphone, plump mellow sound but not heavy. Ultra wide channel design, stable transmission, antenna diversity technique for the restoration of signal integrity, and to maintain the link boundary from environmental impact, is quite good, effectively avoid caused by signal problems on frequency or mute phenomenon.
(UR-220D Wireless Audio System)In order to ensure that the meeting environment is sufficient and avoid crossed frequency. With the use R-14D diversity of the antenna distribution system used in wide band wireless system, and the Relacart wireless system equipment of ultra wide band technology perfect fusion, to further protect the stability of the transmission. Also, four R-20A and R-20U were for omnidirectional antenna system, avoid dead spot, to guarantee the signal of the room around supplement,Relacart equipment interlocking, powerful alliances, to Anhui and new media group created a stable and comfortable, convenient and easy to use environment for the meeting.
(R-20A Directional Antenna Amplifier)
(R-20U Directional Panel Antenna)After the installation of Relacart conference equipment, Anhui new media group praised for the sound quality, Relacart WAM-400 automatic intelligent wireless mixer system but also for more spacious conference room, based on its flexible extensions, four channel receiver,maxinum can be connected 5 sets of WAM-400 host and of 20 wireless units. Stable and easy operation of the conference equipment has greatly satisfied the Anhui new media group in the future needs of the meeting, Relacart look forward to having more cooperation with Anhui new media in the future.
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