“Digital-Relacart”participated in the exhibition - Shantou High-End Audio Visual Show of 2015

2016-01-16 Catalog: Wireless Conference Systems View:

The first exhibition of Shantou High-End Audio Video Show with new mode “Network & Audio” opened on July 17, 2015.

“Digital-Relacart” continue to be mature in the aspect of Conference System after more than 20 - year sedimentation. And Shantou Huiyi stage equipment engineering company is Relacart’s partner for many years as agency of Conference System products in Shantou city. In this show, the main display is Relacart’s Conference System products : WDC-900 Digital and Wireless Conference Discussion System, WAM-400 Wireless Automatic Mixer and so on.


WAM-400 Wireless Automatic Mixer

    WAM-400 full automatic intelligent wireless mixer is a new solution, a perfect match of digital control technology and wireless technology. Its core design is DSP processor with high performance, which makes it applicable to all kinds of business meetings, educational institutions and system reconstruction etc.

As an entry-level product of conference system series, WAM-400 has 4 receiving channels which offer flexible configuration that cooperates with wireless microphones: boundary microphone, gooseneck microphone, handheld microphone or body-pack transmitter, etc. It’s a tremendous cost-saving and more flexible and convenient on the selection of microphones during the meeting.

WDC-900 Digital and Wireless Conference Discussion System

WDC-900 plays an important role in Relacart’s conference system series as a flagship product. Not only has a stable 2.4GHz frequency wireless conference solution, WDC-900 also supplements with U band antenna transition.

In expansibility, WDC-900 can control up to 273 wireless discussion units without any linking mixer. And what’s more? It can connect with  Relacart Video Tracking System VTS-1000 for automatic camera tracking. Real-time management brings more convenience.

In system installation, WDC-900 and WAM-400 have things in common.      1. AFS “Auto Frequency Selection”. As long as according to the site condition to complete system adjustment and layout, it can be quickly installed.

2. No cables have to be laid or holes drilled. Products of Wireless Conference Series can form conference system without damaging any decoration.

  The debut of “Digital- Relacart” in Shantou is a public exhibition which to a great extent, has opened the market of Shantou. At the same time, Relacart looks forward to working with more and more partners toward a win-win situation for development cooperation.

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