Xi'an China EU production transfer cooperation promotion meeting

2016-06-28 Catalog: Wireless Conference Systems View:
Relacart HR-31S help Northwestern area of Xi'an China EU production transfer cooperation promotion meeting Manufacturing capacity in China EU cooperation in transfer cum Xian Wei North Industrial Zone key cooperation projects to promote the signing ceremony was held in Xi'an. It is reported that the signing of the project includes new material (molybdenum) manufacturing projects, civil air defence equipment production manufacturing projects, military and civil aircraft parts and accessories and stochastic production equipment manufacturing projects, non-man structure of the machine project, aviation parts and components of R & D and manufacturing projects, dust and flue gas treatment, environmental protection and energy saving equipment production base (phase II) project.
(Presentation ceremony site)Engineering businessmen prepared for the promotion with four sets of Relacart HR-31S wireless audio system, matching H-31 handheld microphone, a set of R-14D diversity of the antenna distribution system and a pair of R-22AU active directional antenna system, the quality of wireless system to promote the promotion to be a success.
(Four Sets of Relacart HR-31S Wireless Audio System) Relacart T-Lock function support activities smoothlyHR-31S wireless system adopted true diversity technology, ultra wide band design, and Relacart antenna distribution system of signal enhancement supplement and protect the activities in the process of using the cleanest, stability without interference signal. The four selected branch handheld microphone is primarily for use with speech, and T-Lock function. In the promotion, each handheld microphone was locked after adjusted, avoid must sound during the activity, guarantee the smoothness.
(4 pieces H-31 handheld microphone for speech use)Antenna distribution system to ensure stable signal transmission Relacart R-14D diversity antenna distribution system and R-22AU active directional antenna system will be applied to different kinds of performance application occasion. R-14D is a ultra wideband, output power is strong, and has low modulation distortion of dual a four diversity antenna distribution system, designed for Relacart UHF high wide band wireless system, which can support the work of 4 sets of wireless system, share a single pair of antennas, simplified antenna assembly engineering, improve the efficiency of the system. R-22AU has a high directional gain, in the event of the stage, to enhance the acceptance signal. The two antenna distribution system is combined to solve the large area and multi direction remote wireless transmission of the application occasions, so as to ensure the stability of the active transmission signal.
(R-22AU Wide-band Direction Antenna)
(Relacart technical team is explaining the product performance )Relacart technology team explained the performance of the products to contractors prior to installation.  Relacart HR-31S wireless audio system also get the acceptance from Party A. 
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