“Long-term” Stable Performance -- Wireless Audio System in Stadium of Yanglin Primary School, Hefei

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Affiliated with the Hi-tech industrialdevelopment Zone of Hefei province,Yanglin primary school is a public schoolwho is stepping into 13th Five Year Plan with high standard, high startingpoint and high quality. It covers an area of 23,363 square meters and is withinconstruction area 10,135 square meters. With perfect modern facilities, eachclassroom is equipped with top-notch multimedia teaching system, such as musicroom, art room, information room, sciences laboratory, gymnasium, etc.

This year, in the autumn of 2015, Yanglinprimary school is going to meet the first arrival of students. Therefore, HefeiBEST Electronics CO., Ltd. built the sound reinforcement system for Yanglin’sstadium and received the acceptance successfully, won its praise from theschool leaders. This project adopted DSPPA Public Address System. And for theWireless Audio Transmission, Relacart was chosen. Because of the long distancewireless signal coverage, after comparison, BEST chose HR-30S true diversityWireless microphone system which works with R-14D antenna distribution systemand R-22AU Wide-band Direction antenna.

(400 metersstandardized playground)

As a newly launched school with high standards,Yanglin primary school standardized its construction very strictly. And ofcourse, with 3,629 square meters area, its 400 meters and 7 lanes standardizedplayground did the same. In the Public Address System, the digital multiple accessesbroadcast system reached the engineering standards perfectly and each area ofthe playground achieved ensured sound level, thus it obtained good effect ofsound reinforcement. But it’s very difficult to have an ideal solution forwireless audio transmission when we have to build one for the whole playground.

(Stadiumin Yanglin primary school)

On the one hand, although there are lots of wirelessmicrophones claim that they can reach several hundreds meters receiving distance,they fail with fault frequency, noise and even non-signal state in the test. Onthe other hand, using the costly international brand easily is against thegovernment orders and the cost will increase dramatically.

After various horizontal evaluation tests, Relacart HR-30S and Antennasystem come into the eyes of school leaders. And during the practicalinstallation test, the project principals sing Relacart’s praises. 


(RelacartHR-30S equipment rack)

Then, what is the distinguishing feature ofRelacart HR-30S and Antenna system? And how it helps to solve the problems ofthe project?

Firstly, HR-30S has full frequency range --UFH554MHz-936MHz operating range. Its single channel wireless receiver has abandwidth up to 32 MHz and what’s more, its hand-held microphone transmittereven reaches 128MHz bandwidth. Thanks to the super wide bandwidth, the wholesystem can work under stable wireless signal state, reduce sting frequencysignificantly. Because of the high precision circuit design and Relacart technologyaccumulation, there are 1,280 frequencies are available for HR-30S. Besides that,preset multiple groups can avoid mutual effects even numerous equipmentoperating in the same frequency band.

(Relacart HR-30S True Diversity Wireless MicrophoneSystem)

Secondly, Relacart HR-30S adopts truediversity reception mode. Receive a wireless microphone signal by two antennasand then through the two sets of perfect inner receiving circuits to select thestronger signal, which is a group of cleaner signals without noise. Using inthe stadium, this audio system will full of students who can absorb wirelesssignal waves, (Using in the stadium, more wirelesswaves will be absorbed when a large number of students get together) buttrue diversity reception mode can trace the stronger signal at any moment, soit will eliminate the dead zones drastically, avoid mute or dead-point-noisecertainly.

(RelacartR-14D antenna distribution system)

At last, the antenna system consists ofR-14D and R-22AU, worked perfectly with HR-30S truediversity wireless microphone system. Relacart R-14D is a dual quadripartitionantenna distribution system with super wide frequency band, strong power outputas well as ultra low distortion. Relacart R-22AU, wide-band directional antennawith high direction gain, enhances thereceiving signal. During the installation, owing to site limitation, R-22AU hasto be installed under the piping chase outside the machine room. And as theiron pipe has some specific shields against wireless signal. But thanks to thepowerful directional antenna, R-22AU, the result pleased everyone during thetest.

(RelacartR-22AU Wide-band Directional Antenna)

(RelacartR-22AU Wide-band Directional Antenna)

(RelacartR-22AU Wide-band Directional Antenna)

What makes the school principalparticularly satisfying and guarantees of quality? It’s RWW1.1 Wireless SystemDigital Control Software that provided by Relacart. It can visualize theillusory wireless signals and gain the most intuitive signal control. Itfeatures with spectrum analyzer, monitoring, searching out the interferencefrequency and dead spot and modifying system setting. With the functions offault frequency scanning and memory, it can record the transmission quality ofsignal and the position of the fault frequency, so that it will be veryconvenient for adjustment. As long as you use Relacart U485 USB Connector, thePC controlling can link to the HR system, thus, the wireless signalstransmission of the whole project will be under the real-time monitoring at anytime.

( the PC controlling links to the HR systemby Relacart U485 USB Connector )

(RWW1.1wirelesssystem Digital Control Software )

  Outdoorwireless audio transmission with long distance has always been the devilish problemto solve in the public broadcasting project. Generally, to guarantee thetransmission distance, sacrificing the soundfidelity is unavoidable. In this way, the acoustic field will be uneven and thesound quality in the listening area will be very poor.

  However,Relacart HR-30S achieved a good balance between the distance and quality,established a good example for outdoor wireless audio transmission.


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