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2016-06-28 Catalog: Wireless Conference Systems View:
 Relacart WDC-900 Digital Conference System launched in Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, Kunshan city, Jiangsu province  Recently Relacart project businessman did project for the meeting room of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, Kunshan city, Jiangsu province. Adopted a set of Relacart WDC-900 Digital Wireless Conference Discussion System, matching a WDC-900 wireless chairman unit and 8 piece of WDC-900D wireless delegate unit, a set of CS-101 Discuss Conference System matching 12 pieces of delegate, providing excellent conference environment solution. 
(Kunshan Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee)WDC-900 Digital wireless, Anti-disturbance, Flexible, Safe and ConvenientKunshan Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee meeting room, the main position of which is installed 9 pieces of WDC-900 wireless discussion units, for the use of the 9 major standing committee. Unit adopted super cardioid condenser microphone, long sound pickup distance, leaders in a comfortable sitting posture to speak, circuit design of high fidelity can output clear sound quality. WDC-900 wireless conference system adopting digital and analog combining technology, 2.4G frequency band of communication data processing, which improves the ability of anti-interference, is not easy to generate the crossed-frequency phenomenon, UHF frequency band of signal transmission, transmission is longer and more stable.

(WDC-900 Wireless Meeting Room)
(WDC-900 Wireless Delegate Unit)WDC-900 wireless conference system is equipped with mature, stable ZigBee wireless data communication converter DC-900, set high stability, high density, high performance, short delay and low power consumption. ZigBee has three level security mode, including security settings, using an access control list, prevent illegal access to data and advanced encryption standard symmetric cipher, effective encryption of data transmission, organ and the properties of a high degree of fit. 2.4G communication data and numerical control processing, ZigBee chip in the 2.4G stable work, with the equipment advanced anti jamming frequency switching technology, fast and flexible in clean automatic switching frequency, thus effectively isolate the environment of computer equipment, mobile phones and bluetooth devices signal interference source, improve the anti-interference ability, which makes the signal more freely in the UHF frequency band transmission process. Under the multiple protection, the Kunshan Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee in the process of meeting, effectively put an end to the outside world to bring signal interference, to provide protection for the quality of the meeting.
(ZigBee Wireless Data Communication Converter DC-900)Relacart antenna system guarantee wireless signal transmission stableKunshan City People's Congress Standing Committee if there is need and other units of the provinces and cities are meeting to discuss, telephone coupler connected to realize remote conference call, with VST-1000 automatic video tracking system, can realize a video conference function to facilitate crossed=regional emergency meeting. R-20A active antenna amplifier, R-20U directional antenna and R-20W directivity antenna is omni directional antenna, WDC-900 conference system is connected R-20A amplifying the received signal, to connect R-20U solid received signal. R-20W extended well, what’s more, meeting units without increasing the transmit antenna, directly connected to DC-900, secure communication signal transmission. Installed on the ceiling of the meeting room, convenient installation, not only beautiful, fit the meeting room to build the sound environment of the ceiling design, but also to the receiving unit to provide a stable signal, to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting. 
In the conference room of the other sitting place with Relacart CS-101 discuss conference system mainly for some in meeting branch leaders or representatives use without special training can easily deal with all kinds of meeting environment. Sound head the cardioid variable capacitor, windshield design can ensure high-quality speech intelligibility, and equipped with automatic gain audio processing circuit, effectively prevent the generation of feedback. The flexible expansion, with audio output is connected with the tape recorder that records of all meetings can completely record, also can be connected with the sound amplification equipment, thus, greatly facilitate the meeting record of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in Kunshan City Government, clear sound and stable anti-interference of signal transmission, Kunshan City government standing committee of the National People's Congress building high-quality environment for the meeting and lay a solid foundation, to provide the best environment for meeting solutions!

(Relacart CS-101 Delegate)
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