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Shouguang City, the power company always adhere to the "safety first, service first, people-oriented" purpose, arrested development, grasping management, grasping force, creating first-class, and strive to build "a strong three excellent" modern company, the walk in the forefront of Weifang rural power system. Development of power grid to the province's leading level, the variable capacity of electrical equipment and transmission line length of the largest in the forefront of the province's county-level power supply enterprise, the company for nine consecutive years maintain "national first-class county power enterprises" and "the province's first-class county power enterprises," the honorary title.
(Power Company Multi-function Hall)With fruitful enterprise culture, the meeting is becoming more and more frequent, in order to follow the pace of development of the company, and to facilitate staff's daily work report and discuss the further development of the company needs, Shouguang City Power Company of multifunctional presentation hall for more quality upgrading. Weifang soundcraft Sound Engineering Co., Ltd. the transformation for the first party selected a set of Relacart WDC-900 2.4G Digital Wireless Conference Discussion System and two sets of ER-3300 Dual Channel wireless audio system, matched R-20A active antenna amplifier and R-20U point antenna to use. WDC-900 conference system adopts 2.4G frequency band, wider use range and stronger anti-interference ability to meet demand of Shouguang City power company modern conference.
(WDC-900 Digital Conference System Equipment Group)Anti interference, flexible speech function, provide quality conference environment Shouguang City power supply company on the previous conference system there will be a speech appeared on frequency, or speaker in views and other speech unit will be picked up some noise, affecting the good environment of the meeting. In view of the existing problems and the multi-function hall upgrade transformation, table equipped with ten discuss wireless unit, the unit in the super cardioid condenser microphone, pickup distance; using digital and analog combining WDC-900 wireless conference system, 2.4G frequency band for communication according to treatment, improves the anti-jamming ability, is not easy to generate the string frequency phenomenon, U section of signal transmission and the transmission longer and more stable; circuit design of high fidelity can produce high-quality CD sound effects; leaders in a comfortable sitting posture to speak can also be crystal clear sound output.
(WDC-900 Wireless Discussion Unit)Application of Zigbee wireless communication protocol WDC-900 wireless conference system is equipped with mature, stable ZigBee wireless data communication converter DC-900, set high stability, high density, high performance, short delay and low power consumption. 2.4G communication data and numerical control processing, ZigBee chip in the 2.4G stable work, with the equipment advanced anti jamming frequency switching technology, fast and flexible in clean automatic switching frequency, thus effectively isolate the environment of computer equipment, mobile phones and Bluetooth devices signal interference source, improve the anti-interference ability, which makes the signal more freely in the U band transmission process. As a result, in the course of the meeting of Shouguang City Power Company, the signal interference have been well controlled.
(ZigBee Data Communication Converter Converter)In addition, ZigBee has three level security mode, including security settings; using an access control list, prevent illegal access to data and advanced encryption standard symmetric cipher, on the transmission of data for effective encryption. At a major conference, the main spokesman for the control of the equipment is particularly important, WDC-900 meeting system flexibility, limited mode, the application mode and the first out of the model. In doing the streamlining of the meeting report, the time limit mode can be set, the chairman of the unit can be representative of the unit time limit, effective control of the meeting time. Chairman unit maintained, on behalf of the unit to express their views, through the chairman of the unit operation, this mode of application of effectively solved by the noise around the misuse or seat picked up into the impact of meeting environmental problems, Shouguang City power supply company in the past, the existence of the problem provides a solution method.
(WDC-900 Wireless Discussion Delegate)Antenna system to ensure the stability of wireless signal transmission Shouguang City, the power company if there is need and other units of the provinces and cities are meeting to discuss, telephone coupler connected to realize remote conference call, with VST-1000 automated video tracking system, can realize a video conference function to facilitate trans regional emergency meeting. Pointing to the R-20A active antenna amplifier and R-20U plate-like antenna is omni directional antenna, WDC-900 conference system is connected R-20A amplifying the received signal and is connected with R-20U solid received signal, installed in the meeting room of smallpox, convenient installation, not only beautiful, fit the meeting room built smallpox design of acoustic environment, but also to the receiving unit to provide a stable signal, guarantee the smooth progress of the meeting.
(Omnidirectional Conference Antenna System)
In addition to meeting the daily important meeting of the multi-functional reporting hall, you can also hold a number of corporate activities, activate the company atmosphere. Thus, provide two sets of ER-3300 dual channel wireless audio system for the first party, ultra wide band design, easy to operate, stable performance, to meet the needs of their usual theatrical performances. Equipment installed after test, provided by Party A to Lika conference system as they created quality meeting environment and places was very satisfied with the praise.
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