Relacart Provides Conference Solutions for Hunan Ministry of Land and Resources

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Relacart Provides Conference Solutions for Hunan Ministry of Land and Resources

The Relacart Conference System WAM-400 was completed in Hunan Ministry of Land and Resources.

Multi-function Hall

The project belongs to the upgrade one, including a multifunctional lecture hall to accommodate 300 people and a number of small meeting rooms. The lecture hall requires the ability to meet the needs of large reports, conferences, as well as various types of theatrical performance requirements; conference room convene a small temporary meeting for leaders at all levels, requires the use of the product is convenient and fast. After the detailed test and evaluation, the Relacart’s conference systems were appointed with its easy use and reliable quality.

Small Temporary Meeting Room


For the Multi-function Hall, it uses WDC-1000, operating in 2.4G wireless communication technology ,the digital and wireless discussion units produce high quality CD sound due to a very high fidelity circuit design. Audio insertion facility to connect external audio processing devices or telephone couplers. Optional for Automatic Video Tracking System VTS-1000 for automatic camera tracking ontrol for up to 273 wireless discussion units. Absolutely safe, encryption technology to realize safe meeting. Meanwhile, there is ER-2000 dual-channel wireless microphone.


Relacart  WDC-1000 2.4G digital wireless conference discussion system.

As for the small temporary meeting room, it is required for easy use and simple setup, Relacart WAM-400 Digital & Wireless Automatic Mixer and ED-3000 conferencing microphone can meet the demand. Bright and easy-to-read LCD display shows RF/AF, level and other operation status. Automatic gain adjustment by microprocessor control, 5-unit daisy chain by accessory link cable to control up to 20 units microphones. Specific circuitry helps control feedback; corresponding various kind of application in conference room due to priority-select function and gate-hold time setting. Cooperates with RELACART wireless boundary microphone UB-200, wireless conferencing microphone ED-3000, handheld microphone UH-200 or lapel microphone UT-200.


WAM-400 digital & wireless automatic mixer

After the inspection of many meetings and  activities ,the  customers is satisfied with our conference system, they said our products are not only safe and reliable but with high efficiency ,this upgraded project is  fully comply with their original intention .Relacart products can help them to open a conference with unattended operation and save the manpower cost and time greatly.

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