“Digital-Relacart” Wireless Audio System launch on Shandong 271 Education Group

2016-06-17 Catalog: Wireless Conference Systems View:
Shandong two seven one education group is located in Shandong Weifang Xiashan Ecological Economic Development Zone, is a large professional education institutions engaged in research and development, teaching management, training exchanges, brand promotion, cultural tourism and internship farm, the school has always fully implement the party's education policy, to "let each child's life becomes a wonderful story" the training goal, the comprehensive promotion of quality education, especially the "271 classroom", build students' self management exploration, comprehensive practice and innovation of school-based curriculum system construction has been widespread concern in the community, the school was named "Chinese private education innovation and development contribution award", "Shandong Province private education advanced collective".
A group of Shandong Erqi follow the law of education and teaching, to return to the essence of education, in educational philosophy, curriculum construction, teaching reform, management characteristics bold exploration, innovation by 271 characteristics of education value view, 271 education curriculum features, 271 characteristics of education classroom and 271 characteristics of education management for the four pillars of the 271 education system, more distinctive characteristics of the teaching and educational connotation richer. After 13 years of exploration and development, 271 education has become a strong teacher, education and teaching quality leading domestic famous brand.  
"Digital Relacart" entered 271 education group this time. Weifang soundcraft Sound Engineering Co., Ltd.provided the sound system for the conference room and multi-function of the first party. The items are as below: UR-220S Single Channel Antenna Diversity Wireless Handheld Microphones, DAM-800 8-channel Digital Intelligent Automatic Mixer, WAM-400 Automatic Intelligent Wireless Mixer comes with gooseneck microphones and HR-30S True Diversity Wireless Microphone, matched R-14D Antenna Diversity Distribution and R-22AU Active Directional Antenna System, providing high-quality conference environment solutions. 

Shandong 271 groups follow the law of education and teaching, to return to the essence of education, in educational philosophy, curriculum construction, teaching reform, management characteristics bold exploration, innovation to 271 education characteristics of price control and wireless technology perfect combine to create a high-quality conference environment. 
(DAM-800 front interface and rear interface)DAM-800 full digital intelligent mixer is a perfect combination of digital audio and digital control technology, which is suitable for high requirement. The installation of the 271 education group in Shandong, hundreds of people meeting rooms and hotel multifunctional hall. DAM-800 implement intelligent conference management, no need to hand in the field operation can be through the PC or mobile phone connection settings for detailed, which is equipped with a dedicated software, can by remotely controlled, the realization of the modern intelligent management, facilitate the 271 education group of conference management.
(DAM-800 software main interface)In addition, its flexibility and 271 education group agreement, optional Ethernet version of Dante's digital audio card, DAM-800 connected to any Dante device, equipped with AES digital audio output interface and RS-232 interface, can be connected to a digital audio recording device and connection of various control equipment, video conferencing, installed in the 271 hotel function rooms, if during the meeting need audio or video conferencing, directly set, accord with the demand of 271 education group of each type of conference. 
(Shandong 271 Education Group Conference Room)DAM-800 by full digital signal processing, with 8 way independent working channel can be adjusted independently without mutual influence, paragraph 5 of the custom equilibrium can set free frequency and gain, sound valve action level automatic control, to develop new microprocessor computing environment noise from the dynamic setting, built-in high performance DSP processor automatic processing system gain, howling control functions, can be carried out for each independent channels with the establishment and adjustment of, 271 education group to create a good environment for the meeting. In the phone collocation is very flexible, with a handheld microphone, gooseneck microphone and boundary microphone, can according to the concrete meeting environment construction and the demand to match, can cascade 16 DAM-800 at maxinum, expanded to 128 conference unit, convenient later 271 education group if there is a large conference room, can also be used to expand. 
(Relacart R-22AU Active Antenna )In two round table meeting room is also equipped with a customized models WAM-400 automatic intelligent wireless mixing system, convenient installation without wiring, without destroying any decoration of the conference system is established. Microphone with ultra wide band design, with automatic search frequency selection function, to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of string frequency, guarantee the meeting speech fluency. WAM-400 wireless conference system with built-in DSP processor automatically calculates the system gain and ambient noise, effectively avoid the occurrence of howling; sound valve action level automatic control, to develop new microprocessor computing environment noise to automatically set, flexible speech, set up their own last words of cylinder lock function, ensure that the background noise is always present, conference room and a brief silence of time, some of the environmental sounds, but also can remove the meeting on the impact of large noise, 271 education group to create a good environment for the meeting.
271 education group conference rooms and hotel rooms are equipped with 12 sets of HR-30S true diversity wireless audio system, with 4 sets of R-14D diversity antenna distribution system and a pair of R-22AU active antenna distribution system. Lika HR series wireless microphone with a true diversity technology, the wireless microphone receiver can from two antenna respectively receives the signal with a wireless microphone, select the use of strong signal all the way through the internal circuitry. This way can greatly eliminate receiving dead, avoid mute or dead noise, guarantee the smooth progress of the musical. There are two antennas and a set of control circuit, there are two complete receiver circuit, at the same time, by the control circuit to track the switch, the output of a better audio signal. High quality wireless signal to meet the needs of the hotel's multi function hall.
271 education group of hotel meeting rooms and multi-function hall are equipped with 12 sets of HR-30SR-14D can support 4 radio system, simplifying the antenna equipment engineering, improve the efficiency of system, equipment through the cabinet assembly after share a single pair of antennas, reducing the interference between the antennas, the most for simple way to compensate for signal loss or lack of. In some small conference room is also equipped with the Lika UR-220S wireless audio system of, stable performance has the advantages of convenient operation, designed for demanding large performance occasion setting, installation in 271 education group of small conference rooms to meet the presentations daily needs. 

At present, 271 education group in national with Shandong Province in Changle, Experimental Middle School of Weifang, Weifang City Cravens experimental middle school, Yunnan Agricultural University Affiliated High School, Weifang Xiashan bilingual school, Binzhou Xingzhi school, Changle Experimental Middle School of Yunnan, Kunming Xingzhi school, Yutong experimental school in Nanjing, nine schools, hosting the Affiliated High School of Chongqing University, Nanjing Tianjingshan middle school, Nanjing Riverside high school the school, students and staff of more than 30000. 

Development on the basis of the original large scale continues to grow, "digital Lika" wireless audio system of the settled 271 education group, to create environmental quality meeting with a force, also wish Shandong 271 education group in the future development is getting better and better!
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