“Digital-Relacart”WAM-400 Wireless Automatic Mixer System launched in Hefei China Railway Science an

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(Hefei China Railway Science and Technology Building)“Digital-Relacart"launched in Hefei China Railway Science and Technology Building conference room and WAM-400 automatic intelligent wireless mixing system is selected, to provide high-quality conference environment solutions. WAM-400 automatic intelligent wireless mixer is a solution of a new generation of business meetings, equipped with high performance DSP processor, using advanced digital control technology and audio processing technology easy to achieve high quality signal processing, with real time intelligent management and flexible configuration, etc.. Can according to any situation use and quickly set up wireless conference system, can match the wireless conference microphone, wireless interface microphone, wireless handheld microphones and wireless bodypack transmitters use, the Hefei Railway science and technology building conference room is mainly for conference speech use, so the match use is wireless conference microphone UD-200, provide a quality environment for the meeting for the China Railway Group.
(Relacart WAM-400 Wireless Automatic Mixer System)Ultra wideband design ensures the fluency of the conference speechCrossed frequency phenomenon happened frequently in the meeting room, the bandwidth of the microphone too narrow or the searched frequency is not clean enough, which will affect the quality of conference. WAM-400 automatic intelligent wireless mixer system with ultra wideband design,each channel has 32 frequencies, four channel for a total of 64 frequency, providing more choice of frequency. Relacart wireless equipment has automatic channel searching function, can search out the clean, interference-free frequency, can quickly set up a complete system according to the layout and adjustment, which can greatly reduce the cross frequency phenomenon, protection of the China Railway Group in the course of the meeting, spokesman in the process of conference speakers fluency, enhance the quality of the meeting, lay the foundation for the provision of quality environment for the meeting.
(Relacart UD-200 Wireless Conference Microphone)Digital technology, flexible speech to create a high quality conference environment In the previous meeting of China Railway Group, when someone was making speech, the other microphone may pick up some noise.  "Digital Relacart" WAM-400 wireless mixing system provides a solution to solve these problems. The built-in DSP processor, automatic calculation of system gain and noise environment and effectively avoid howling occurs, good to avoid the noise due to misoperation. In addition, voice gate action level automatic control, to develop new microprocessor computing environment noise to automatically set, the meeting accidentally touch or inadvertently dropped items a noise silencer. Can also set up their own final microphone lock function, ensure that the background sound is always present, conference room with a brief silence of time, there is some environmental sounds, but also can remove the large noise that affects the meeting, create a quality meeting environment for the China Railway Group.
(Relacart UD-200 Wireless Conference Microphone) Flexible Expansion,quick and easy setup, suitable for different kinds of conference occasionsWAM-400 configured with 4 wireless receiving channels, can cascade 5 sets of WAM-400, 20 pieces conference unit could be used simultaneously, for future large scale meeting use. Relacart configured with RS-232 port, can connect different type of central control equipment,convenient for the conference management, Follow the development step of China, besides the conference room, WAM-400 was also set up in multi-function hall. As it figure with video tracking function, matching VTS-1000 Video Tracking System can realize video automatic tracking function, meets the requirement of expansion use in the meeting of China Railway Group.
WAM-400, with practical function, flexible configuration, easy setup, for special decoration occasion, can set up the conference system without damaging the decoration. This time “Digital-Relacart”launched China Railway Science and Technology Building, convenient for its conference management, provide good solution for building excellent conference environement. May we get together in the new year making the development better and better. 
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