CS-100 Conference Systems apply in Yunnan Pharmaceutical Research Institute

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Relacart CS-100 Conference Systems apply in Yunnan Pharmaceutical Research Institute


Yunnan Pharmaceutical Research Institute founded in 1956, locating on the foot of Kunming famous scenery west mountain. It covers about 36 mu, and the GMP workshop and GLP lab housing covers about 15000 m2, which is equipped more than 400 units of advanced research and production system. Depending on this series of imported research platform, Yunnan Pharmaceutical Research Institute develops a series of local new drug and realizes industrialization successfully. In these years,it provides technology support and demonstration service for the medicine company inside and outside the province. Some of the kinds have become the famous brand and pillar varieties, which plays a supporting and leading role in the update of Yunnan province biology pharmaceutical industry. Yunnan Pharmaceutical Research Institute, which is strict and rigorous, not only uses the advanced system in search, but also uses domestic top brand in daily office equipment. Take conference system for instance, the brand that Yunnan Pharmaceutical Research Institute adopts is the famous Chinese brand Relacart CS-100 hand in hand conference discussion system (1+1+10).



 Relacart CS-100 is a type of conference discussion system that is simple, affordable and high performance. Easy-installation and no need to train, users can finish every setting easily. The voice pickup distance is 30-40CM, clear sound effect. Super cardioid condenser capsule, which is equipped with precise audio circuit, maintains a good sound effect. To guarantee that the large and medium conferences carry on orderly in the institute, CS-100 has a special setting of activating 1/3/6 microphones in a time. And the chairman unit has the function to control the priority of the delegate units, which is good for the control of the speaker order. It is reported that CS-100, which is perfect, flexible and easy-operation, has been applied in Yunnan Pharmaceutical Research Institute. And the leaders in the institute are all very satisfied with Relacart conference system.

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