CS-100 Conference System Project

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CS-100 Conference System Project


Hunan Loudihongteng Investment Company Limited is a professional engaged in domestic equity funds, commodity futures, stock index futures, foreign exchange and precious metals investment and consulting services. Having established long-term cooperation with many large domestic well-known stock and futures broker's firm, they are rich in customer resources, strong financial strength, excellent software and hardware facilities, first-class analysts, traders and trader team. The company is with efficient management, standardized and effective market operation, flexible trading technology and the advantage of continuing to strengthen its capital markets, has been widely favored by investors. At the same time, here is also the real cradle of traders and financial adviser.



The meeting room of the company covers 80 square meters, accommodating 40 people. The number of the speakers in the meeting room is 22. For the conference system, they selected Relacart CS-100 simple conference system. One CS-100M host, one CS-100C chairman unit, 22 pieces of CS-100D delegate unit. The conference system is with elegant fashionable design, silver white appearance, alloy pipe body and base, full of the feeling of Iphone.


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