Relacart CS-201 assists the upgrade of Fujian Yongfu Group Building

2016-01-16 Catalog: Wired Conference Systems View:

Relacart CS-201 assists the upgrade of Fujian Yongfu Group Building

Yongfu group was founded in 1994, mainly engaged in engineering design: power system planning, coal-fired power plants, wind power plants, power transmission, construction, new energy, etc, moreover, business of engineering consulting, survey and computer technology services. With the continuous expansion of business scale, the company's main business has been all over Guangdong, Shanghai, Xinjiang and other 10 provinces besides Fujian province, and extended to Bangladesh, Chad and other 10 countries, and are equipped with the subsidiary company in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other places. With the business growing, accompanied is the frequent meeting communication, as the inter provincial meeting of a group, the ordinary equipment can not meet the demand for conferences, and for the transnational conferences, high-tech and advanced meeting facilities is needed more, which plays as the assistant of good communication beam bridge.

As for the conference system upgrade of Fuyong Group, Party A put forward the following requirements: 1、convenient and simple operation, the network manger can get ready the system swiftly when receive the notice of temporary emergency conference. 2、Transmit images and sound must be stable, clear, especially transnational conference, time is precious, not expecting effects the conference quality due to the situation appear on the way. According to the above requirements, Relacart provided CS-201 Conference System with Automatic Video Tracking for Fuyong Group. The system is the perfect combination of audio conference technology and digital technology. With high performance microprocessor editing control; Two independent and phase contrast RCA output port can be connected into a balanced output mode, achieve long-distance low noise transmission, clear sound quality, stable and reliable signal transmission;Adopt hand-in-hand cable connection mode, make the microphone connection simple and save the installation time. With a friendly man-machine interface, LCD screen can display microphone status, operation mode, video tracking status and the information, and providing simple/traditional Chinese, English language systems, the operation is simple and clear, which is convenient for the manager to grasp the conference situation; With multiple speaking mode: time limiting mode, take-turns mode, requirement mode, voice activation mode, convenient for  conference to proceed orderly; Each unit of the system has a preset point for video tracking, which can select the appropriate camera and video channel; With three video input interface and one output interface, it can realize the video switch or camera automatic tracking function. RS-232 port allows the connection to different kinds of external system, supports for multiple camera protocol and can custom protocol. No matter domestic or international conference, the system can meet the functional requirements of the conference.

It is reported that the conference system of Yongfu Group has been completed test and entered the usage stage. From being put into use to now, Yongfu Group has held many large and medium-sized domestic, international conference, all kinds of temporary board meeting. In the process of equipment being frequent used, Relacart CS-201 still can deal with and get consistent approval from Party A.

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