“Wireless—Relacart” Conference Systems applied in CDC, Tianyuan, Zhuzhou City

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“Wireless—Relacart” Conference Systems applied in CDC, Tianyuan, Zhuzhou City

The CDC building project of  Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City was officially started in 2012, so far the project has come to the end. The location selection of the new building is the intersection of Xindong Road and Zhujiangbei Road, covers an area of 5097.52 square meters. It will take a number of functions including of the disease prevention and public health technology management within the jurisdiction, push the construction pace of public health system, enhance the region's external image and service level. Its function include: disease control and prevention, health education and promotion, prevention and control of AIDS, tuberculosis prevention and control of sexually transmitted diseases, chronic disease prevention and control, prevention and control of endemic diseases, parasitic diseases and public health emergency, medical and health monitoring, application research and guidance, technology management and service functions.

The project is undertaken by Zhuzhou Danmai Weifa engineering company, "Wireless -- Relacart" provides CS-201 Conferencing Discussion System with automatic video tracking. WAM-400 Digital & Wireless Automatic Mixer, ER-3300 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System. As the large scale meeting room takes large area, the number of participants is large, and the conference it held mainly are large emergency and academic conference, thus the conference equipment must be stable, easy to operate. The first party requires that the video conference must have video tracking and remote video conference function, and there are many high-tech modern equipment in the large conference room, so the interference sources increase, the conference room equipment need to have very strong anti interference function. According to the requirements of Party A, Relacart assists Zhuzhou Danmai Weifa sound engineering company, for each large conference room is equipped with a CS-201 Conferencing Discussion System with automatic video tracking, with built in high performance processor which will automatically process the gain of the system to prevent the feedback. Support Visca, Pelco D, Pelco P and other mainstream camera protocol, each unit is set with one video tracking point and can choose the corresponding camera and video channel, support up to 6 camera cascaded; The microphone all adopt the newly changeable condenser, high-sensitivity, clear sound, and the microphone is with built-in excellent amplifier, no need to connect to the external speakers, which make the conference proceed more convenient and smooth; Provide 4 speaking modes: voice activated mode, time limiting mode, requirement mode and take-turn mode, effectively control the order and avoid feedback; Can be connected to telephone coupler, applied directly to the telephone conference. With RS-232 interface, can be connected with different kinds of control equipments, which is convenient for the conference system expansion in the future.In medium and small scale conference, Relacart provides WAM-400 Digital & Wireless Automatic Mixer. This model is the perfect combination of digital control technology and wireless technology, the core design of a high performance microprocessor, automatic, manual control is not needed, only set in the conference site that can play the function automatically, without complex  setting; With four wireless receiving channels, can count out gain that most suitable for the whole system, avoid feedback and effectively avoid the receiver from howling; It adopts Relacart self-developed AFS automatic frequency selection technology, the receiver can search out the frequency without interference according to the actual environment, greatly enhance fluency and stability of the conference; Can be cascaded up to 4 units of WAM-400, that means can connect 20 pieces of microphone; With RS-232 interface, can be connected to different kinds of video tracking system, intelligent control system, and convenient for the conference function extension in the future. At the same time, every large and medium conference room is equipped with ER-3300 Dual Channel Wireless Microphone Systems, which is convenient for holding the academic conference.

So far, the project has been officially put into use. Party A is very satisfied with the service of Zhuzhou Danmai Weifa sound engineering company and the products of Relacart,  and says that the products of Relacart not only meets the demands of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but also generous and delicate in appearance.

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