Relacart Automatic Mixer applied to cultural centre, Lishui city, Zhejiang

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 ASM-822 Automatic Mixer

     Every city or area has its unique soul, It is the culture essence that a city or area precipitate down after excessive magnificence washed in the river of history.  And cultural center is a presentation of cultural works of art building groups for a city or area. It plays a vital role in heritage and  carry forward the local area culture.


      Qingtian County, located in the southeast of Zhejiang Province, mid lower reaches of the Oujiang River, which is the east gate of Lishui city, the territory of mountains and downs, gully aspect, the strange scene too numerous to mention, known as the "Lijiang River south of Zhejiang," said the Oujiang River passing through, thousands of beautiful. Known as "9 hill, half water, half cropland" said. Qingtian has a long history, outstanding people, the "hometown of stone carving, overseas Chinese town, the famous town" reputation.



Cultural Centre, Qingtian County, Gaohu Town 


The Chinese folk dance

Inherit the culture with sound, protect the cultural essence with heart.


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