“Digital-Relacart”CS-101 Conference System adopted by Korea Conference Building

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Recently,the engineering agent of Relacart have used multiple conference system products in Jeonju National Pension Corporation,Korea National Pension Corporation Conference Building. After many times of comparisons and surveys,eventually,the Korea engineering agent chose a simple and economical conference discussion system-- Relacart CS-101.

Specializes in application of different conferences, CS-101 discussion system is a “hand in hand” discussion system fully launched by Relacart Electronics CO., LTD. It easily blend into kinds of fashionable and solemn boardrooms decoration with two unique modes: FIFO ( first in first out) mode and Voice Activated mode which means using the voice to open the microphone, when the maximum number of speakers is reached, subsequent microphone speaks without manual operation. Unmanned automatic control, concise and clear applied in an orderly way help the administrators to maintain the equipments conveniently, users get start using easily. 

CS-101 conference system is equipped with Chairman Unit “CS-101C” and Delegate Unit”CS-101D”. The Chairman Unit can control the speaking order with a priority button which can switch off the speaking unit. CS-101D can apply to the Chairman Unit for the right to speak or cancel it.

(Relacart CS-101 Coference System)


Key Features of CS-101 Conference System:

1、One central controller can connect up to 45 microphone units.

2、Equipped with recording output.


4、Unique anti-drop aviation cable, hand in hand connection way, simple connection, reliable and stable for set up, save troubles and cut the budget of whole system installation.

(VTS-1000 VIdeo Tracking System)

CS -101 is Relacart’s conference system products for entry level. When compared to CS-100 conference system, it complimented with two new functions: recording and video tracking, and of course, more delicate in design.

Besides CS-101, Relacart has made great progress in upgrade and R&D of conference systems with launching new systems like, CS-200, CS-201, etc. And guess what! We are going to release Series CS-300, 301 in the near future. More news, stay tuned!






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