Malaysia Aviation University adopts WB-100 Relacart interface microphone

2016-09-09 Catalog: Wired Conference Systems View:
Malaysia, an aviation university classroom needs to build a teaching audio system, need to be simple and easy to operate, pick up a good sound of microphone equipment, can accommodate dozens of people in the classroom, each student will be able to speak in class. Between the difference of the boundary microphone and the common microphone lies in its application to the boundary. The boundary is the sound pressure and the reflection surface (such as: the ground, the desktop and the wall). Pressure zone is the direct sound of the sound pressure and the pressure region of the opposite acoustic phase, so the microphone capsule (diaphragm) and the reflecting interface of the microphone must be very close.
The reflected sound of Boundary Microphone and direct sound regardless of any frequency is reached at the same time the microphone diaphragm at the same phase, the sound pressure doubled (6dB), increased 6dB ratio of signal to noise. Therefore, compared to the general microphone, the advantages offered by the basic physics of the boundary microphone are beyond. So this school adopts 30 pcs WB-100 Relacart wired boundary microphone. The same row of students can speak at the same time, the deployment is simple and easy to use.

WB-100 is a wide frequency respond and condenser cardioid boundary microphone, designed to be placed in the application of the plane. Because the boundary microphone itself is small in size, the application to complete the construction of classroom audio system installed in a university in Malaysia, it’s clean and generous. Mould casting, solid and durable alloy material shell and anti slip rubber at the bottom of the microphone can effectively reduce the influence of the vibration on the microphone. In addition, the microphone with good RF shielding effect, and it won’t affected by wireless communication devices, such as mobile phone, in a good way to avoid the interference problem in the classroom.
In the configuration, WB-100 and Relacart DAM-800 8 channels automatic intelligent mixer and ASM-822 intelligent mixer collocation is used in some large, multiple sets of audio equipment and intelligent management and authorities, business meetings, educational institutions and hotel. The boundary microphone no need to configure for each participant , it can easily pick up their voice. By appropriate echo cancellation or manual control, whether it is a video conference or a conference meeting, conference recording, the boundary microphone is a good solution.
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