Relacart help Sichuan to use 5g technology for video consultation of 2019-nCoV pneumonia for the first time

2020-04-07 Catalog: Conference View:
On January 26, the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission learned that Sichuan used 5G technology for the first time to conduct a remote video consultation of new coronavirus pneumonia, allowing experts and patients to "face to face", making treatment more efficient and convenient.
At 15:00 PM, with the support of China Telecom Sichuan Branch, this remote video conference uses Relacart WAM-432 automatic intelligent wireless mixer system. The biggest feature of this system is that it does not require manual control, it’s voice mode control. When all microphones are turned on, all microphone channels are automatically mixed, and the microphone can be activated through the sound. Reduce the contact frequency of medical experts and staff, so as to ensure the health and safety of medical staff during the epidemic prevention. West Hospital of Sichuan University and Chengdu City Public Health Clinical Medical Center conducted a remote consultation of patients with acute coronavirus pneumonia. Experts from Sichuan Provincial Medical Treatment Experts Group and Dean of West Hospital of Sichuan University Weimin Li and other experts participated in the consultation and provided guidance for the treatment of patients. This move takes full advantage of 5G's high bandwidth and low latency; and a new generation of products designed with high-performance microcomputer processors as the core-Relacart WAM-432 fully automatic intelligent wireless mixing system, and comprehensively adopts digital control technology and advanced The perfect combination of audio processing technology and network technology, intelligent control, fully automatic operation; with video tracking function, with automatic audio and video controller AMC-20, to support mixer data control, audio mixing connection, high-definition camera connection. You can achieve automatic video tracking.

WAM-432 Wireless Automatic Mixe
Under the current epidemic prevention and control situation, the treatment is more efficient and convenient. On the day of the consultation, Yanzheng leader of the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission also conducted a 5G video link with the first batch of medical staff who rushed to the Wuhan Red Cross Hospital in Hubei, the medical team leader reported the work.

Remote video conference site,medical experts used UD-222 Wireless Conference Microphone 

AMC-20 Automatic Mixing Controller

UD-222 Wireless Conference Microphone

According to the work arrangement of the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission, the 5G technology for remote coronavirus pneumonia remote video consultation will use the West Hospital of Sichuan University as the central node. There are 27 hospitals in Guang'an City People's Hospital, Leshan City People's Hospital, Ya'an City People's Hospital, etc. The next step is to build a 5G remote video consultation system covering the three levels of province, city, and county, to realize a "one network" for remote consultation of new coronavirus pneumonia in frontline hospitals across the province and Wuhan. The establishment of this 5G remote consultation video system is more targeted to the diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia, and will continue to improve the efficiency of treatment and effectively protect the lives and health of the people.
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