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On the evening of October 25th, the 2019 Orientation World Cup Final and the “Tianyi 4K High-definition Cup”Orientation Competition (the fifth stop) of Nanyue Ancient Road in Grand Opening of Xiqiao Mountain in Foshan, Guangdong Province was grandly opened. This is the world's top event finals for the World Cup, first in Asia and in China. Athletes and team representatives from 37 countries and regions around the world witnessed this historic moment with the audience. The event is also broadcast live in multiple cities around the world!

Before the opening ceremony, Relacart wireless performance audio field debugging

The wonderful opening ceremony shocked the audience, Relacart wireless microphone P1 Singing the scene

The World Cup is one of the top directional events in the world. This is the first time this event has entered China. The opening ceremony brought a unique Chinese traditional culture and Lingnan characteristics to the players and audiences around the world. The atmosphere was lively and exciting. Focusing on the sports world spirit of the World Cup, the historical humanities of Foshan City, and the cultural heritage of the ancient Yuelu Road in Nanyue, the stylistic display is based on the theme of “Oriented Endeavor and Dreaming of Foshan”. It consists of the preface and the three chapters and the ending, which are respectively the prologues of Foshan Huaguang. The first chapter, "Lingnan Culture, the Long Way", the second chapter, "Dragon Teng Dance, Dare to Be the First", and the third chapter, "Walking in the Forefront, Seeing the World." The opening ceremony fully demonstrated the cultural heritage of Foshan City and the orientation of the World Cup, which shocked the public.

On-site environmental analysis of the opening ceremony, select Relacart wireless performance system P1

There were a large number of people at the opening ceremony and the performance venue was spacious. As an important performance, the staff must ensure that every link goes smoothly. The microphone system must be stable and clear, and in the environment where the signal interference is numerous, it can also deliver high-quality sound to the audience on the spot. Performance effect. Therefore, the organizer of this opening ceremony chose the Relacart P1 single-channel true diversity wireless microphone.

The P1 single-channel true diversity wireless microphone has an ultra-wideband UHF522MHz~936 MHz for automatic signal selection. The true diversity receiving system adopts two receiving circuits of the same channel to minimize the noise and leakage caused by radio frequency interference. The dual squelch locking circuit design using noise locking and field strength locking effectively prevents radio frequency interference of other microphones and improves The signal to noise ratio.
[AFS] The automatic search function can automatically search for the cleanest and non-interfering frequency in the actual environment, and lock it on the channel that is not disturbed in the actual working environment. [IR] Infrared automatic frequency matching function can automatically lock the transmitter automatically. The working frequency of the receiver; stable PLL phase-locked oscillating circuit, combined with "digital pilot" mute control function and "noise detection" mute control function, can effectively block computer equipment, karaoke machine and DVD in working environment Noise and radio frequency interference.
The P1 receiver has a bandwidth of 32 MHz and can use up to 10 systems simultaneously in the 32 MHz range. The transmitter's bandwidth is 134MHz, and the ultra-wideband performance is greatly facilitated for debugging and management. The hand-held microphone head can be removed and replaced, and the head of the moving coil or capacitor can be used. It can also be installed with the microphone head of a well-known brand from all over the world.
The Relacart directional antenna has the characteristics of reliable performance, damage resistance and durability. Low noise signal amplification and signal enhancement provide optimum reception for the required coverage. The Relacart directional antenna can be used to connect the antenna to a receiver or antenna distribution system using any 50 ohm low loss coaxial cable. Lightweight and sleek, easy to carry and erect, it can be mounted on a mic stand, suspended from the ceiling, or attached to the wall using an integrated swivel mount.
The opening ceremony of the 2019 Oriented World Cup final was successfully held at the listening lake square in Xiqiao Mountain, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong. It showed the world the style of Foshan in China and showed the traditional Chinese culture and the unique Lingnan culture. At the end of the program, the singer used the Relacart P1 single-channel true diversity wireless microphone to bring you a warm and pleasing singer. The penetrating clear sound reverberates in the square, and the stable sound transmission ability will be the sincerity of this opening ceremony. Communicate to every player and audience. Relacart P1 single-channel true diversity wireless microphone system with its advanced technology, mature design, stable performance and convenient operation, brought a wonderful auditory feast to the audience, won the praise of the organizers. 
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