ER-3500 UHF Dual-channel Wireless Microphone


ER-3500 UHF Dual-channel Wireless Microphone

ER-3500 applies to Karaoke, KTV, bar, school and so on, is the function is complete, the characteristic is stable, the operation is simple, the price performance ratio high series product.

Key Features:


◆EIA standard 1U chasis.

◆The handheld microphone adopts the latest auto-mute, auto drop-to-mute, auto-off function. (when the microphone is put horizontal or less than 45 degree for 5 sec, the microphone will be auto-mute. When the microphone is static for 10 mins, the microphone will be auto-off. When drop down, the microphone will be auto-mute.  Intelligent electricity-saving, humanized application.

◆Super wide frequency range UHF554MHz-936MHz. Automatic frequency selection. Dual channel true diversity (four channel receiving). Anti-interference, minimize dropping or off frequency phenomenon. 

◆Bright and easy-to-read LCD display shows RF/AF strengths, channel/frequency and other working status.

◆AFS Automatic frequency selection. Press the [AFS] (Auto Frequency Selection) button 3S and the receiver will auto-scan and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency.

◆Press [IR] button to upload automatically the receiver frequency to the transmitter.

◆PLL (Phase Lock Loop frequency control) design ensures transmission reliability, “Noise Lock” squelch effectively blocks stray RF.

◆Each channel with 32 adjustable frequencies, total 64 adjustable frequencies for dual channels, 24 frequency groups provides 768 selectable frequencies. 

◆134 MHz bandwidth transmitter, available for four different frequency receiver, convenient for adjustment and management in KTV.

◆Unique design for the microphone, anti-shock for the microphone head and tail, double-rubber anti-shake design for the cartridge. Firm and durable aluminum alloy material for tube body. Protect internal components and circuit board effectively, ergonomic design.

◆Optimizing low-consumption circuit design, the life of the battery is twice as the normal one. 

◆The whole system circuit is controlled by microcomputer, count out the frequency without mutual interference by the advancing computer technology, making the whole system more reliable and avoiding offset frequency or drop frequency.

◆ER-3500 can cooperate EH-3500 handheld microphone.

◆Have the Extenal SYNC connector, suitable for school.

Product Specification

ER-3500 Receiver

Main frame size:EIA standard 1U

Receiving Channels:Dual Channels

Frequency Stability:±0.005% 

Carrier Frequency Range:UHF554MHz~936 MHz

Modulation Mode:FM

Working Distance:70 M (in outer space)

Oscillation :PLL Synthesized

Sensitivity :5dBμV, S/N>60dB at 25 KHz deviation 

Band Width:32MHz

Max.Deviation Range:±45KHz



Frequency Response:45Hz-18KHz  ±3dB

Power Supply:DC12V/500mA

Weight:Approximately 1.8kg


Output Socket:φ6.3mm unbalanced socket

EH-3510 Handheld Microphone


EH-3520 Handheld Microphone

Carrier Frequency Range:554MHz~936 MHz

Oscillation :PLL synthesized

Harmonic radiation:<50dBm

Bandwidth Band:HF-139MHz



Max.Deviation Range:±45KHz

Capsule:Dynamic, cardioid 

Output Power:10mW/40mW


Current Consumption:95mA(Typical)

Battery Current Life: Approximately12 hours


Weight: Approximately 210g (w/o battery)

Colour:Champagne gold

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