CS-301V Voting system with automatic video tracking

CS-301 Automatic Video track discussion conference system is the perfect combination of digital control technology and Audio conferencing technology, with a video tracking system and conference sign-in, voting function, high-performance microprocessor core design, high performance and high reliability, with a friendly interface and intuitive and clear operation features.

The system consists of software and hardware components , adopt microprocessor edit control with the attendance, voting, discussion, video tracking and other functions; the microphone unit can detect settings,  speaking mode setting, limiting times setting, and implementation of system video preset functions, As a new generation of multi function, can be separated from the computer to use, convenient operation of the video tracking discuss conference system, to become a complete solutions, and is suitable for hotel、restaurants、government offices, government department, and other types of multi-purpose conference, is the ideal of solution conference engineering application.


Main functions and features:

◆Designed accordance to IEC60914 standards. With metal 2U rack receiver chassis.

◆With automatic gain audio processing circuit, prevent feedback, effectively and improve the clarity of the whole system.

◆Limited mode function can set 1-4 delegate units at the same time.

◆Time limited to Setting the speech of delegate unit (1-60miniutes) .


◆Built in IC card reader, with IC card sign in function, support two kinds of IC card sign in and key-press sign in.

◆Wide viewing angle with brightness OLED display unit, with a friendly interface, tips and guides the user, check information and vote results.

◆The unit can be set up the name (in Chinese/English), convenient to the conference seating arrangement.

◆With voting to the approval、objection、abstention function, can perform a variety of topics voting activity.


◆Unique audio processing circuit to improve the clarity of the whole system.

◆With unique volume control, can adjust high or low volume .

◆Support up to four conference mode: Limit mode、FIFO mode、Request mode and Sound activate mode.

◆Can be connected to intelligent central controller, achieve the intelligent meeting.


◆Chairman and Delegate unit automatically detect when switch on. There are not affect to the whole working system if one unit have problem in which can automatically shield.

◆Easy to expand and change the configuration, the receiver can connect to 40 delegate units, and it also can expand to 104 delegate units if connect a auxiliary power supply EXP-12V45. 

◆Each unit has a video system to track presets, select the appropriate cameras and video channels 

◆Support multiple camera protocols, and customized protocols.


◆System supports up to six cameras cascade.

◆The system can run independently, complete all the conference setting by itself, it also can work with computer and the central controller, flexible and convenient.

◆Fixed threaded connectors, stable and reliable, hand in hand cable connections, the connection between the units is simple, the whole system required engineering and installation costs can be reduced.


CS-301V Receiver:

Power supply voltage: 50/60Hz AC110-240V

Maximum power consumption: 60W

Frequency response: 100-14.5KHz 20~20KHz

Signal to noise ratio: >90dB

Static power consumption: 1W

Output power: 30W (per path)

Distortion: <0.3%

Audio input: AUX maximum input -5dBV (f=1KHz, THD<0.1%)

Mic Max input: -25dBV

Audio output: XLR 5dBV XLR

6.3mm port output 5dBV

AUX output :5dBV

Headphone monitor output: 2dBV

President / representative unit interface: anti off 9 core air plug

Video switching interface: BNCx6

RS-232 control interface: intelligent control and camera tracking system

RS-422: can connect the PTZ camera control interface

Size (mm): 426 (wide) x88 (high) x263 (deep)


Weight: about 4.5kg


CS-301C/CS-301D conference unit:

Power supply voltage: DC24V

Type: cardioid condenser microphone

Maximum current consumption: 60mA

Frequency response: 50Hz~16KHz, + 0.05 dB

Signal to noise ratio: >78dB

Distortion: <0.3% (total harmonic distortion: 0.1%@1KHz standard level, 0dB gain)

Sensitivity: -21dBV/Pa

Headphone output: 16dBV, 8 ohm

Speaker power: 1W

Microphone tube length: 340mm/420mm (default) /480mm

Base size (mm): 182 (W) X51 (high) x 110 (deep)

Weight (g): about 950


Color: nickel black


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