DAM-800 Digital Eight-channel Automatic Mixer


DAM-800 Digital Eight-channel Automatic Mixer

 Key Features

  • ● Eight automatic Mic/Line inputs, automatic gain adjustment by microprocessor control.
  • ● 16-unit daisy chain by accessory link cable to allow maximum 128 channels operation.
  • ● Specific circuitry helps control feedback.
  • ● Select the number of open microphones to a maximum; or simultaneous open microphones to 1 channel, 2 channels 3 channels or 4 channels.
  • ● Corresponding various kind of application in conference room due to priority-select function and gate-hold time setting
  • ● Last microphone on selectable for continuous room ambiance.
  • ● 48V phantom power individually selectable for each channel.
  • ● Automatic threshold setting
  • ● An RS232 data port provides a connection point for a PC with included DAM-800 software.
  • ● The DAM-800 automatic mixer is ideal for meetings, seminars, teleconferencing, house of worship services, broadcast and conference applications.




    Power Supply

    100V - 240V AC (20W)

    Input Impedance

    Mic: 2k ohms Line: 68k ohms

    Output Impedance

    Mic: 100 ohms Line: 100 ohms

    Maximum Input Level

    Mic: -35 Dbv

    Nominal Output Level

    Line: +4 dBm

    Nominal Input Level

    Line: +4 dBm Mic: -58 dBm Unbalanced: -6 dBV

    Maximum Gain

    Line: >62 dB, Line: >14 dB

    Frequency Response

    Flat: (3dB) 20Hz - 18kHz Roff-off: (-12dB/oct) 160Hz

    Equivalent Input Response

    Below -120 dBV

    Input Attenuation

    10 dB

    Mic/Line Input Pads

    50 dB

    Phantom Power Requirements

    48V DC

    Control Voltage Out

    +3.3V DC




    430.0mm X 225.0mm X 44.0mm (L X W X H)


    Optional Microphones:

    TSG-500 Microphone Stand with Mute Switch



    The base of TSG500 is made of durable zinc alloy. And the base is set with Anti the shock

    insulating rubber, which effectively isolate mounted microphone from impact vibration and

    mechanical noise normally transmitted from the desktop. After matching with gooseneck

    microphone, it is very suitable for applying in the situation of speech, teaching and

    report. Besides, the base can match other three pin Canon male microphone device. The

    base is set with a quiet switch, users can control the microphone freely.







    Muted switch (1KHz at 55dB attenuation)

    Phantom Power Requirements

    24-48V DC, 3 mA typical


    XLRF - type







    WB-100 Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphone




    Fixed-charge back plate permanently polarized condenser

    Polar patter

    Half-cardioid (120° above mounting surface)

    Frequency Response

    55-18k Hz

    Low Frequency Roll-Off

    100Hz, 18 dB/octave


    -36 dB (15 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa

    Output Impedance

    200 ohms

    Phantom Power Requirements

    11~52V DC, 4 mA typical


     DAM-800 system connecting daigram



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