Relacart HR-31S Professional Wireless Audio Performance System is used in a civic activity center

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Recently, a city civic activity center will hold performance activities. Customers need a batch of new professional wireless audio performance systems to provide the audience with stable signal and beautiful sound for live performance.

Project demand: 
1.The internal space of the activity center is large, which can accommodate more than 500 audiences. During the performance, it is necessary to ensure that the back row audience can hear the sound of the stage clearly and without delay.
2. The scene will be affected by all kinds of noise, at the same time, people, mobile phones and other electronic equipment will also cause interference to the signal transmission of audio system. Customers require audio equipment to have constant frequency and no noise
3.In addition to being stable and clear, the audio system should also have a good degree of reproduction and performance effects, as far as possible to convey the best voice state of the performers to the audience.
Relacart HR-31S Professional Wireless Audio Performance System

Relacart R-22AU Directional Antenna
     Finally, the customer chose Relacart HR-31S true diversity wireless microphone system, WMS-1 wireless frequency management system and R-14D antenna distributor, with 10 R-22AU directional antennas, 8 wireless bodypack, and 8 wireless Hand-held microphone and 12 HM-620S omnidirectional skin color headset microphones help ensure that the rear audience can hear the sound on the stage clearly and without delay; the audio equipment is constantly frequency and no noise at the site, which can be monitored at any time through the computer, and the staff can be timely make adjustments to emergencies and deliver the performers best voice to the audience.
Relacart HR-31S True Diversity Microphone and WMS-1 Wireless Frequency Management System
Relacart R-14D Antenna Distributor
Relacart R-22AU Directional Antenna
Relacart H-31 Wireless Handheld Microphone
Relacart T-31 Clip-mic Bodypack Transmitter
Relacart HM-620S Headset Microphone
Relacart HR-31S True Diversity Wireless Microphone System Flight Case
Control room of a city's civic activity center
Matching Product:

      The HR-31S true diversity wireless microphone system is specially designed for large-scale stage performances. It adopts true diversity reception mode. The two antennas can choose the end with strong receiving signal to receive. This method can greatly eliminate blind spots and avoid signal transmission problems. The mute or dead-point noise; with ultra-wide bandwidth, 32MHz broadband design, more than 1280 frequency points can be used. The stable PLL phase-locked oscillation circuit, with the "noise detection" mute control function, can effectively block noisy radio frequency interference in the working environment.
     HR-31S cooperates with the innovative RWW wireless system digital control software, which has powerful performance and stable characteristics. It can use computer networking to monitor on-site, search for radio wave interference frequency in the actual environment and frequency blind spots on the stage, and control and modify system settings. The most satisfactory results can be obtained in various complex professional performance environments.

     The WMS1 wireless frequency management system combines software and hardware to realize frequency visualization and control, creating a stable wireless working environment for the site. The ultra-wideband scheme is adopted, and the frequency scan is as high as 2.7GHZ, and the interference frequency on site is clear at a glance. The wireless receiver is connected through the RS-485 communication protocol, and the wireless communication system can be monitored and controlled in real time using software.

      The R-14D antenna splitter is an ultra-wideband dual-channel 1-to-4 antenna distribution system with ultra-low internal distortion. Stable functions and features, with a sophisticated design, are fully suitable for UHF high-bandwidth wireless system work, especially support 2-4 Relacart wireless series or other series of wireless system applications.

     The R-22AU directional antenna has the characteristics of reliable performance, damage resistance and durability, which can provide the best reception effect in the required coverage. The gain setting is used for the enhancement and expansion of signal reception. The R-22AU can be fixed on the microphone stand, suspended from the ceiling, or fixed to the wall with an integrated rotatable bracket.
     Relacart wireless performance audio system uses its professional technology to easily adapt to the space size and on-site characteristics of different performance occasions, providing performers with the most suitable performance environment, presenting the most perfect stage effect to the audience, and winning the customer and audience unanimously recognized.
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